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    FS - Melbourne Kegs, other bits and pieces

    Yep I’ve got 3
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    FS - Melbourne Kegs, other bits and pieces

    Gday Just the taps Cheers
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    FS - Melbourne Kegs, other bits and pieces

    3 Ball lock cornies $40 each 1 Co2 cylinder empty $60 1 Co2 cylinder full $80 1 20 litre urn hidden element with ball lock tap $60 2 15 litre plus 1 20 litre drums not tapped $20 1 blichmann thrumometer $25 1 Keg King refractometer $10 Intertap tap chrome with flow control shank adaptor $20...
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    FS - Melbourne Kegerator Series 4

    Yep pm me for details
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    FS - Melbourne Kegerator Series 4

    I don’t know how but suffice to say it’s in excellent condition. If you’re interested pm me your mobile and I’ll send some
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    Grainfather Melbourne

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    FS - Melbourne Kegerator Series 4

    Intertap Stainless Steel taps and Stainless Steel Short Shanks - NEW EVABarrier 4mm ID x 8mm OD Beer & Gas Hose, already fitted to appropriate lengths for tap kit. - 2 way steel manifold - Stainless Steel 304 grade font and four mounting bolts. - MKIII regulator (type 30 for CO2) - Font Fan with...
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    Grainfather Melbourne

    I’m in Brighton but can deliver anywhere south, south east or east
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    Grainfather Melbourne

    Selling my Grainfather (and all my gear which will be listed over the coming days) It has the connect controller The series 1 counter flow chiller The series 1 pipework Works like a charm $630 I also have a 20 litre urn $50, thrumometer $20 hop spider $10 , old controller $50 if the purchaser...
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    Kegbot (flow meter and digital taplist) project

    Do you have a link to these?
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    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    Thanks for this. It mentions 50gm aromatics. What is that?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I had to laugh. I follow this thread closely and I blocked the person who posts the negativity So now I just see the responses asking him to go away If everyone blocks him the voice will eventually become more like a squeak
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    KegLands New Springvale Warehouse - Looking for Staff

    24/7 pick up from a locker is a great idea Can you guys see yourselves getting into grain, hops etc?
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    FERMENTASAURUS - re suing yeast with trub bottle

    I’ve tipped the whole thing in trub and all after 10 days and all went well. Then I decided for us05 at $5 a pack is it worth it? For a more expensive yeast I can see the point
  15. M whata ya got?

    Swap and go - take the kl sticker off