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  1. bowie in space

    Fridge Giveaway East Brisbane (near wooloongabba)

    Hey Brewers, I have a 460L Hisense fridge/freezer to give away. It's currently used as my second fridge but I'm moving house and want to get rid of it and thought it would be perfect for a keg fridge conversion or fermenting fridge, etc. Fridge is currently in use (only has a bit of surface...
  2. bowie in space

    Bowie sells a chest freezer

    I think this is the last bit of gear I have. It's a Fisher and Paykel 164L chest freezer, model H160. I bought it brand new about two years ago and runs like a dream. It's in great condition and was going to be converted into a keg freezer. Asking $200
  3. bowie in space

    Bowie gives away assorted bottles

    Up for grabs are approximately; 30 x 750ml crown seals (mostly the old xxxx swap n fill ones) 15 x 500ml-568ml crown seals 35 x 330ml crown seals ...and a few crown seal bottle tops Feel free to drop around some of your finest or a six pack of something nice. Cheers, Bowie.
  4. bowie in space

    Bowie sells a pressure cooker

    Bought this from Aldi about a year ago and never been used. 6 Litre capacity, automatic locking device and one touch quick steam release. My idea was to steralise test tubes for yeast freezing/storage. Asking $50 and I'll throw in the tubes, rack and a couple of steralised syringes that are in...
  5. bowie in space

    Bowie sells a fermenting fridge

    A kelvinator "all fridge" (no freezer). I removed the shelves and put a wooden bench in the middle so it perfectly fits two 30L fermenters. Asking $100 and I'll throw in a digital temperature controller (that is not wired up), two fermenters and a 5L glass demijohn perfect for yeast starters...
  6. bowie in space

    Bowie sells some 19L Corny Kegs

    Next up, 3 x 19L Corny kegs, bought from a bulk buy and I've personally never used them, so they're in the same condition as when I bought them. Was going to set up in a keg freezer but never got around to it. Asking $120 and I'll throw in three brand new sets of seals still in their packaging...
  7. bowie in space

    Bowie sells an esky mash tun

    Up for grabs is a 55L esky modified mash tun with a copper pipe manifold that comes apart for easy cleaning. Fitted with a brass ball valve and compression fittings. It can handle double batches quite easily and loses bugger all temperature. Never had a stuck sparge either. Asking $60 and I'll...
  8. bowie in space

    Bowie sells an 80L Boiler

    I bought this from Argon about 15 months ago. It has the top cut out to fit a 28cm tempered glass lid (which I'll throw in), welded 1/2 inch socket in the base, ss ball valve, ss barb, and ss mesh hop blocker. Perfect for double batches Asking $120 and will throw in the metal stand with hole...
  9. bowie in space

    Bowie sells an Urn

    First up the Urn. Birko 40L with stainless steel ball valve and barb. I've done over fifty brews with this and still going strong. Asking $150 and will throw in the silicone tube and grain bag.
  10. bowie in space

    How Many Ahb'ers Are On Facebook?

    I get a lot of people asking me if I'm on Facebook. The fact that I get asked makes me think not everyone is on it, but it seems that the majority of the general public are. My response to the question is usually the same and goes like this..."No, but I am on a social networking site called...
  11. bowie in space

    Bowie Takes A Break

    Hi Folks, Due to a personal issue, I'll be taking a break from brewing for the next six months. I've been away the last three and a half weeks and thought about selling up but I got back home last night and cracked a couple of pale ales, amber ales and a stout and thought, bugger this.. I'm...
  12. bowie in space

    My Local Pubs Keep Taking Away Good Beer On Tap

    I live in Wynnum/Manly in Brisbane and like to drink locally. I can walk to any pub in the area which I love. What I don't love is the choice of bland XXXX, CUB and Toohey's beers on tap. The only one I'll drink is usually Tooheys Old. I can put up with that. A couple of months ago, the Wynnum...
  13. bowie in space

    Where's Bribieg

    I haven't seen BribieG on this forum in a while. Did I miss something? I PM'd him a few weeks back, but no reply. The forum doesn't quite seem the same. Oh, and his post count is at 11111. I don't know what that means. Bowie
  14. bowie in space

    Cleaning Copper Manifold Before First Use

    Hi all, I'm about to use my copper manifold for the first time tomorrow. After de-burring with a file, I pulled apart every fitting and soaked in a weak vinegar/water solution. I put 1 cup of homebrand vinegar in my 10L stockpot, then filled to the top with water and soaked for about 10 mins...
  15. bowie in space

    Copper Manifold For Esky Mash Tun

    Hi everyone, I just knocked up a copper manifold for my esky mash tun and have a couple of questions. I have come in two inches from the sides and one inch from the back, only because I ran out of copper. Is this too far in? I bought a 1.5m length and have used every last centimetre. I am...
  16. bowie in space

    Pressure Cooker For Steralising Vials

    I recently purchased some plastic screw top test tubes/vials from the BribieG mega garage clearance sale. So, I've been reading up on steralising plastic vials with gelatine or agar agar mixtures to enable me to freeze yeast or make slants. I still haven't decided weather I'll freeze a...
  17. bowie in space

    My Neighbour Has Chickens

    My neighbour has three chickens and tomorrow I'll have 9kgs of spent grain on offer. Is that too much grain to give three chooks? My neighbour just asked me about the wet grain and will she need to dry it out. I said I'll ask my friends on AHB :D . I usually chuck the spent grain back into...
  18. bowie in space

    Cost Of Pbw And Oxyper

    When I was living in Melbourne I got G&G to make me up a 5kg bag of oxyper which cost me $35. It lasted me about a year, maybe a bit more I can't exactly remember, but it was a long time. Now I've run out and looking at PBW which is $79 for 3.6kgs. Oxyper always worked well for me, never had a...
  19. bowie in space

    Using An Urn To Boil Liquid Extract

    I got sucked into a thread for the free Coopers postage on DIY products after numerous beers one night. I haven't done a partial/extract beer for about two years. I have two tins of goo on the way, one dark and one amber thomas cooper selection. So I was scratching my bald head yesterday...
  20. bowie in space

    Aerated Wort For Starter

    Hi all, I just boiled a 5L wort to be used as a starter, but had a brain snap and transfered hot wort into 5L demijohn through a funnel aerating it quite a bit. It's cooling now but still has a thick layer of foam at the top from the vigorous transfer. Should i just keep it, or is it better...