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  1. Blind Dog


    First attempt at an Altbier. Never tasted one before, so I've no idea if I'm in the ballpark or not. Recipe was: 46.6% weyermann Pilsner 46.6% gladfield Munich 4.7% biscuit 2.1% Carafa II 40g Hallertau, 15g magnum at 90min = 34IBU WLP029 Grain added at 55C, left for 10 min Hochkurz mash (63C...
  2. Blind Dog

    Full (almost) moon

    Riding the metro home, near enough full moon hanging low in the sky. Beautiful golden disk against a darkening sky. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  3. Blind Dog

    Fermenting on grain

    I've watched a few videos (are they even called videos nowadays?) and read a fair few books on making whisky and it seems to be standard practice, whether you spell whisky with or without an 'e', to ferment on the grains. Some then drain before adding to the still, some don't. Just wondered why...
  4. Blind Dog

    $12 60litre wheelie bins back at bunnings

    Just an FYI to anyone interested, the 60L wheelie bins seem to be back in stock at Bunnings (at least they had a bunch at Vermont south). Will fit a sack of grain, easy to move around and robust, thick plastic, and $12.
  5. Blind Dog

    Terminus Hotel for sale

    Just saw an advert for the Terminus in Fitzroy North in the Age (food section). Guess that qualifies it as news? T/O circa $3.6m pa, rent $160k pa. Almost enough to make me dust off the rose tinted glasses and approach the bank manager for a massive loan. I mean running a pub is easy right?
  6. Blind Dog

    Anyone seen Bedford British yeast this year?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen WLP006 Bedford British so far this year? It's a Jul/Aug seasonal and is listed on WhiteLabs website as a 2015 seasonal, but I've not seen hide nor hair of it yet over here. Worried that I'll miss out this year
  7. Blind Dog

    Terry Pratchett dies aged 66

    Just read the news. Angry that we've been deprived of so many more joyously silly rides through the wilds of his massive imagination. Been reading his stuff since my late teens and have just started reading the Nome trilogy with my son which has been a barrel of night-time laughs. the news was...
  8. Blind Dog

    What are you brewing 2015?

    Final brew of 2014 overan so it's sitting as an overnight to late morning (if the rugrat obliges) mashout. Not sure if that qualifies as my 1st brew of 2015...
  9. Blind Dog

    Melbourne - where to live?

    There is a chance that we'll up sticks in the new year and move from Sydney to Melbourne (SWMBO's job). No idea what those chances are, but if we do move neither one of us knows a great deal about the city, so just wondered, given that a lot of members seem to be Melbourne based, what thoughts...
  10. Blind Dog

    Old Ale too sweet?

    I have an Old Ale in an FV currently sitting at 1.024 from 1.078. Yeast is WLP002 so pretty much at the top end if it's published attenuation range Prior experience with WLP002 led me to expect 75% or slightly more attenuation so closer to 1.018 The yeast seems to have done its thing and the...
  11. Blind Dog

    Local English style bitter

    Just wondered if anyone had tried any decent, local (i.e. Aus or NZ) English style bitter? Had a half of Pommy Bitter at Redoak this lunchtime and it was awful. Well maybe not awful - too cold, too fizzy and a really nasty aftertaste that I couldn't place (metallic crossed with yeast) Also...
  12. Blind Dog

    Drinking bandaids (elastoplast)

    Apologies for the long post So 5 of my last 7 English bitters were completely ruined by bandaid (or Elastoplast for any other Poms) flavours. Smells like the fabric plasters, and tastes like the smaell if that makes sense. Had 2 bandaid ones back in March/April, 2 nice ones in June/July (one...
  13. Blind Dog

    Perfect weekend

    Hoping for the perfect weekend...
  14. Blind Dog

    Chiller - your experience

    I currently no chill, but want to add a home made chiller to my set up (20L BM) So I reckon I have 5 options (FWIW, I hate the idea of a plate chiller) 1 'normal' immersion chiller a la John Palmer 2 whirlpool immersion chiller a la Jamil Z 3 counter flow chiller 4 CDO version of FSM chiller...
  15. Blind Dog

    What is the world coming to?

    Just read some news for the 1st time in days. Apparently Russia has invaded the Ukraine, idiots in the Middle East are killing each other cos my gods bigger than yours, NSW whooped the Maroons in State of Origin, and the Guardian has admitted to being long on opinion and short on factual...
  16. Blind Dog

    Fcuck! Tasmania, you beaut

    Just cos I p***ed off with the title and initial post(s) on another thread of a similar name, and this is a brewing forum. If for no other reason than this, Fcuck! Tasmania, you beaut! First beer I've tasted that required tissues. Should of taken a shot in the glass, but can't afford to pour...
  17. Blind Dog

    Nostalgia (the beers we left behind)

    Was back in England last month and had Brakspear on tap for the first time since the old brewery closed. For the 10 years or so I lived in or near London it was my beer of choice. Gorgeous malt and hop balance with a biting, refreshing, lingering bitterness. I've never got close to cloning it...