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  1. Zorco

    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy September 2017

    Hoppy Days I need grain but don't want to run this one. If someone new wants to coordinate then I'm happy to help out. 1: Zorco - 1xTFMO
  2. Zorco

    Sodium Percarbonate Brisbane Only EOI Rev 2

    G'Day all, I'm putting this out there for another NaPerc buy. We can include Metasilicate as well and pretty much develop this into anything we want it to be. Perc minimum as per last time. I'll get in touch with the supplier for pricing as we go. Zorco: 5 bags 35 left
  3. Zorco

    Force carbonation: lots of head pressure, still flat beer

    About 40 psi on top for 8 days and the beer pours flat.* Full keg. Weird, so I drank a few pints and pressurised again. Week 2 and same result. It is an English strong brown ale, 7.2% ABV, Maris otter Simpsons black Gladfields light chocolate. Nothing totally unconventional for this to occur I...
  4. Zorco

    Charlie Murphy Dead

    https://www.reddit.com/r/GetMotivated/comments/650fq1/image_last_wise_words_from_charlie_murphy/ Another comedic loss, One funny dude.
  5. Zorco

    Problem Discussion Thread: Mini Keg Regulators

    A look into the Mini Regulators and their problems. Background of this thread: - The mini reg has been a feature piece of the mini keg kits that AHB enjoy - More than a few AHB members have experienced troubles with their regs > Flow rate > Gas loss > Poor pressure control - AHB members...
  6. Zorco

    Free Coopers bottles. North West Brisbane

    Hi folks, pre mini keg (yes We all existed there for a time) I accumulated about 50 bottles for my brew sharing ambitions. I even bought a bottle filler gun. But too long the bottles stare at me without a planned purpose. May they now find a home among you. Next week they meet the bunya tip...
  7. Zorco

    The gimmick Brew Machine Thread

    In the world of automation we see home convenience machines reaching into brewing more and more often. As they pop up, post them here for look and a chat
  8. Zorco

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIV

    Let this be the placeholder. EOI. It will be next year, maybe Feb so we have recovered from buying shit we don't need for Christmas. Note, ATHB is pencilled in as the supplier, though he is not sure he will do one again. (C'mon man.... we can get to V at least!) But anyway, No excuses for...
  9. Zorco

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIII

    This BB initiated from a few of us wanting a couple of extra pieces from MKII All new players welcome. Paste from Bevan's list and it will evolve from here. As this started small I anticipate we are all wanting a few pieces before Christmas - So before this is committed one way or another I'll...
  10. Zorco

    Mini Keg Discussion / Mods / Show Off - Dedicated Thread

    We Aussie Home Brewers have certainly found our fancy of the little shiny Mini Kegs Post pictures of your new rigs, ask a question of the community or come to discuss your problems. Also share your excellent finds for handy modifications and customisations. We are surrounded by the skilled...
  11. Zorco

    Deftones 'Phantom Bride' beer

    Chino has helped design an IPA http://www.sacbee.com/food-drink/appetizers/article109295397.html
  12. Zorco

    COMPETITION: Super High Gravity Brewing 2017

    Rev B for final comments all --------------- High gravity brewing is favoured by many brewers; styles include Russian Imperial Stouts and Barley Wines. There exists a dimension above these which requires a level of effort, ingredient selection and control that makes for an interesting...
  13. Zorco

    So, I fell asleep....during a boil

    It was a little nap, nothing less than 15 minutes and probably no longer than 3 hours. But suffice it to say... My 48 litres of 1068 wort danced its luscious dance till I upgraded my conscious state to 'functional' and turned everything off. Now, before the H&S committee have a tanty just...
  14. Zorco

    The WEAL railroad

    When a thread goes off topic because WEAL decks 3 or more people with his capitalist speak, slide it on into here....
  15. Zorco

    Exploring Fabrication of SS Conical Fermenter: Brisbane Only

    Following a prompt in the Ebay thread, I spoke to a stainless steel fabricator, Harry, near my home about conical fermenters. Harry has worked on huge brewery plant for Coopers, Brew in Brisbane and others. What he wants is for us to come up with some concept diagrams. This primitive starting...
  16. Zorco

    Sodium Percarbonate Brisbane only EOI

    Motivated by the Melbourne BB happening now, I got in touch with the supplier and all the particulars of the Melbourne buy seem similar for us Queenslanders. I am receiving a prelim query from them tonight and pricing will firm up As it sounds now, 40 bags and $35 dollars per 25kg bag. This is...
  17. Zorco

    What caused you to change your job

    An interest of mine at the moment... Among fellow Brewers (and lurkers), what has been a reason or two for you to decide changing jobs? Was it ever because of a tiny thing and the market was booming; or how much did you put yourself through before finally making the choice. Did the new job...
  18. Zorco

    What Is Your Main Manliness

    Whether you call it like you see it, shave with a sharpened shovel, cook with master chef glamour, leap at the chance to change that nappy or leap over fire to grab that next beer... Share your inner animal or share your most humble thoughts. Sit in your best chair, bring your blood to its...
  19. Zorco

    LessonLearnt: Temperature Probe Connectors

    I want to share a lesson I knew but had to learn again it seems. My brew rig is gradually adding on electrical control systems. As nearly everyone has seen, the PID is one of the standard modules to enable reasonable temperature control of a process variable (PV) - the thing we're measuring to...
  20. Zorco

    Purex Stainless Steel Pool Filter

    I was driving along and noticed on the side of the road a fermenter like object in shiny stainless steel. I had no idea what I was really looking at so I grabbed it. This is it http://www.aqua-man.com/schematic.asp?kc=S1749 I've been passed a sleeping baby so I'll take a photo later. It's...
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