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  1. winkle

    QLD Xmas-in-July 2017 Tasting Thread

    Tasting thread for the swap, please add a ready to drink (or date) comment to assist those who will consume half the case on Sunday arvo (you know who you are :overhead: ). Mine is good to go, but hasn't developed much of the signature Morpheus acid note to date, hence the 8/8/17 best after...
  2. winkle

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Aiming for a July swap again this year, I will workout a firm date once we know the Scratches Weekend of Sourness/Darkness plans, school holidays, Angus's excuses, and Rugby games (Snow). Swap is in inner NW Brisbane BTW. Swapping 1) Winkle - maybe a historic IPA 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  3. winkle

    Pin lock disconnect (wanted)

    It would appear that some inebriated oak has stood on my pin-lock gas disconnect, rendering it U/S. Anyone around Brisbane metro got one they aren't using? (or failing that - anyone got about 5 gas ball-lock posts for RHEEM kegs?)
  4. winkle

    SE QLD AHB Xmas-in-July 16/07/2016

    Just a statement of intent ATM, we intend holding this on one of the first three Saturdays in July this year (same swap time, same swap place). Can those in brewing clubs check thier Calendars for clashes (there is bound to be a few). No, I'm not working the Sunday BryBry. Swapping 1. Winkle -...
  5. winkle

    Pin-lock disconnects

    Anyone around Brisbane got a set of pinlock disconnects in reasonable nick they aren't using? Happy to pay in beer.
  6. winkle

    CPC Male 1/2" Barb O-ring

    Anyone know where I can get some replacement o-rings for these? Craftbrewer stocks them but is currently out of stock.
  7. winkle

    SE QLD Xmas-in-July 2015

    We are ok with hosting this again this year - might even have it in July for once! (possibly on the 4th of July to be in step with the Mexicans, not so sure about the Bummock though)
  8. winkle

    Eaton Hill Beer Festival - Brisbane

    Just when you thought your liver had a chance of recovering from Brewsvegas there is this http://www.eatonshillhotel.com.au/index.php?pg=43&title=event-details&event_id=188. Outdoor event, on the 350 bus route from the city. Need anything from Bunnings, Florian?
  9. winkle

    Brewvegas 23 to 29 March

    There is a lot on during this week, I may just have to take a few days off work. Bridge Road beers on Monday, watch Dan lose his pants on Tuesday, Bacchus at the Burrow and a visit or two to the Scratch and a tour of Newstead are all tempting. Edit: adding the link would help http://brewsvegas.com/
  10. winkle

    AHA Big Brew Day 2014 (Brisbane)

    Saturday 3rd May, I might do a batch this year. Anyone else around Brisbane interested? Probably do a sausage sizzle for lunch (before it degerates into a sampling/drinking fest) if I get a few EOI. Details below. http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/aha-events/national-homebrew-day/
  11. winkle

    Orval in Brisbane

    Anyone know who's stocking Orval in Brisbane?
  12. winkle

    SE QLD Xmas-in-28th of June 2014

    We'll stick our hand up to host this again this year, (unless there is someone who really, really wants to do it), not sure of the date yet but either the first weekend in July or the last in June usually don't clash with anything too important. Venue is at Everton Park, so it is possible to...
  13. winkle

    International hotel, Spring Hill, Brisbane

    Anyone been to the International Brewpub (the old Cheers)recently? I used to go there for Saturday lunchs with Stillscottish a few years back when they had rediculiously cheap King Island steaks for lunch and $5 pints. My work is moving to within 2 block of it (and I expect it'll be a better...
  14. winkle

    Recipe for 150 Lashes?

    Gents, anyone got a successful AG recipe for this stuff? I've been asked to brew up a clone for a 50th birthday bash. (Otherwise I'll have to buy some and formulate my own recipe :unsure: )
  15. winkle

    Substitute for Brewers Gold

    Looks like Brewers Gold is hard to source ATM, any thoughts on a reasonable substitue - Challanger perhaps?
  16. winkle

    2013 Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    Anyone up for another pub crawl or is there too much stuff on already? I was thinking of October, possibly go in reverse for a change ie. German Club, Brewhouse, Hoo Har Bar, Archive, Burrow, Scratch etc (maybe sneak in a quick tot at Clobbers on the way).
  17. winkle

    Peanut Butter

    I scoffed at this first up, http://www.ratebeer.com/tag/peanut-butter/ , but after thinking about it for a while realised the flavour could make sense in combination with some others - chocolate for example. Anyone tried any on the list? (I'm looking in your direction Zizzle)
  18. winkle

    AHA Big Brew Day May 4th.

    Yep, on again, this year its the 4th o' May. Recipes are yet to be revealed, but unless its something horrid like a pumpkin ale I think we can handle it. Let me know if you want to bring your rig along and I'll see if I can organise some sort of water filter to combat the hippo pool water that...
  19. winkle

    Xmas-in-July Caseswap 2013 (SE QLD)

    I'll put my hand up tentatively, to host this again - provided work doesn't get in the way. Will pencil in the 22 June as the date until someone tells me it clashes with something important. July itself if pretty full with BABBs annual comp, the Homebrewing conference and the QLD Beer Week...
  20. winkle


    I'm looking foward to sucking down some of these at the Blatz cave :icon_cheers:
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