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  1. razz

    Vale. My trusty temp controller

    I headed out to the man cave, after dinner, for a schooner. Open tap.......no beer, open other tap, nuh. Mmmmmmmm. Open keezer, give keg a tap, mmmmmm, pretty solid sound there. Tap another and another and another! Shit, six frozen kegs. So, remove said temp controller and fitted Inkbird 308...
  2. razz

    For sale. S/S conical fermenter. 46 Lt.

    Hi all. After many years of faithful service I am putting this treasure up for sale. An original More Beer unit I purchased this from G & G. Dimensions are 520mm across the top brace. 450mm diameter and 800mm high to the wing nut. Comes with 2 x Prochem 3 piece 1/2” ball valves. Rotating...
  3. razz

    Looking for rhizomes in Gippsland

    Hi all. I’m looking for a work mate of mine who lives in Toongabbie Vic. If you can spare any rhizomes after the current growing season can you please let me know? Thanks in advance.
  4. razz

    Sierra Nevada pack

    Saw this in Dan Murphy's Mornington store today. I didn't pick up the box to check but I'm guessing the glass is The Spiedel IPA
  5. razz

    8Wired at MP Brewery

    Tall Poppy IRA and IPA now pouring at Mornington Brewery, lovely!
  6. razz

    Dan Murphy Special

    It looks like these hit the shelves today, includes Bling IPA X 3.
  7. razz

    Bar Keepers Friend

    Good old Aldi once again coming up with the occasional little gem for home brewers. In todays catalogue but not yet on their website. On sale from Saturday 7th Sept. Bar Keepers Friend. 737g/340g soft cleanser or cleanser & polish. $6.99 each. I think the dry polish is the stuff the US forum...
  8. razz

    Sierra Nevada @ Dan Murphy's

    Six packs available at Mornington store. $22.99, best before March 2013. Not refrigerated but I got a six of Porter anyway.
  9. razz

    66lt S/s Kettle For Sale

    Hi all. I'm having a good clean out in the shed and this is excess to my needs. It will suit brewing at all levels. Ideal for double batches or use as a HLT. Capacity is 66 lt Dimensions 450mm x 450mm plus approx 30mm for each of the handles. Wall thickness approx 1mm Weight 7kgs Already has...
  10. razz

    Brew Fridge

    Up for immediate sale is this Kelvinator Opal Fridge/freezer in good working order. 100lt freezer and 255lt fridge. Approx 13 years old. Internal measurements of the "fridge only" 70cm high, 50cm wide and 45 cm deep. No shelf in the bottom means the full 70cm is useable. Butter tray comes out...
  11. razz

    1.5 Lt Grolsch Bottles @ Dan Murphy's

    if your in Victoria check out the xmas catalogue. Dan's have Grolsch bottles for $20. Beers okay and you get a good bottle for taking your homebrew to parties and the like. http://www.danmurphyschristmas.com.au/cata.../vic/index.html
  12. razz

    Water Profile

    Just thought I'd put some questions out there on my water and brew readings. Hopefully some of you water savy folks can help me out. I've read Tony Wheeler's water treatment document several times over, a great read and he has helped me understand water in a more practical sense, thanks Tony...
  13. razz

    For Sale

    Model RHB-32(ATC) 0-32 degrees Brix (plato) Comes in plastic case, complete with instruction pamphlet, plastic pipette and small screwdriver. Looks identical to the model on Craftbrewer website. $45 inc postage to anywhere in Oz. Pick up also.
  14. razz

    First Wort Hopping

    Can some of you learned fellows please help me fill in the correct IBU's for my FWH'd ale please. When I formulated the recipe in Beersmith I did not notice that the IBU's were not calculated for the first wort hops. I did notice, after sampling the wort post boil, that the wort was very bitter...
  15. razz

    Ebay Problem

    Hello all. I've been having a prob with Ebay for a few days. The page won't/can't load completely for some unknown reason. It doesn't time out either, just keeps trying to load. If I stop the page loading and click on reload it sometimes works. I'm using firefox and Zonealarm security suite...
  16. razz

    Super Cheap Auto

    http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/media/135...week51-aust.pdf Page 3 of the catalogue For all those looking for grain storage containers or whatever. 3 for $22 (48lt)
  17. razz

    Motor And Gearbox For My Millmaster

    Just thought I would post a couple of pics of the motor for my Millmaster (when it arrives) no slur on Brissybrew either. Last year a mate gave me a washing machine motor (stuffed) with the right angle drive and gearbox on the end of it. I had a 2hp garden shredder which I had superceded. I put...
  18. razz

    Lumina Beer Dispenser

    For all you lucky folks in NSW. http://aldi.com.au/index.php?p=product_03/product_404.html
  19. razz

    For Sale 2 X 50lt S/s Pots

    Evening all, anybody in the market for a s/s pot for their brewing please pm me. $50 each ono. Local pick up/delivery only.
  20. razz

    Brewing Water Chemistry

    Just finished installing a tank for the garage, hope it rains like billy-o. I guess now that if I start using rain water for my brewing that I will/maybe have to adjust the chemistry of the water. Any thoughts from those out there that have gone before me? :blink: I do use pH 5.2 in the mash...
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