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  1. MetalRooster

    AB Inbev buys 4 Pines Must say i'm a little gutted. Could be a good thing but the cynic in me says unlikely.
  2. MetalRooster

    Blichmann RIMS Rocket and BoilCoil

    I'm a braumeister man myself, but like this concept... using the Hop Rocket interchangeably as RIMS. And also BoilCoil. Both relatively new blichmann products.. Gotta love Blichmann's passion for brewing and the engineering work that goes into his products.
  3. MetalRooster

    60l Fermenter

    60L fermenter for sale, only used twice, asking $40. Fermenter has handles and a 2 piece lid. Located in Neutral Bay, Sydney.
  4. MetalRooster

    Arduino Kegerator A mate just sent me this... I like it a lot, am thinking I might adapt a version for tracking keg consumption, e.g. how much is left in each keg. In the link to the original article it lists the parts required and also says it is a...
  5. MetalRooster

    Chilling The No-chill?

    I am planning to make a 50-60 litre batch but can only get 20 litres out of the kettle. My intention was to do 3 separate batches and combine them in the fermenter. I was thinking if I no-chilled the first two batches (as I only have 2 cubes) however I would stick the cubes in the fridge at 2...
  6. MetalRooster

    No Chill Infection?

    I transferred wort (chocolate porter) to a cube at the end of my boil to no chill. That was about 2 weeks ago... have been waiting for an available FV... about 2 days ago the cube swelled up big time. I find this a little odd that all seemed fine for a week and a half and then swell time. I...