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  1. cyrrus

    New filter cartridge?

    I'm in need of a new beer filter cartridge because my old one hasn't survived the passage of time. I bought the filter from so I'm looking for something like this: The only problem is that they are out of stock. Is there any...
  2. cyrrus

    Cider Yeast?

    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the yeast section, but I thought I'd catch the cider heads around. I'm thinking of making up a simple cider to fill up one of my empty kegs and take to a music festival coming up. Woolworths has golden circle juice on special at the moment for $2 for 2 Litres...
  3. cyrrus

    Hops out of freezer/fridge

    It turns out that along the journey of moving house my Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin flowers and pellets didn't make it back into a fridge or freezer. They're unopened and properly vac packed but I do you think they'll be usable or stuffed? They are fairly old and have been out of the fridge for at...
  4. cyrrus

    How long for another Melbourne Grain buy?

    Hey guys, Have been out of the brewing game for over a year doing a major overhaul of the system. I notice that we just missed a bulk buy from December. How long is it usually until another one comes along? We've got some grain but wondered whether to buy a sack retail to tide us through or...