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  1. BottloBill

    Thanks for the ride

    Thanks to all those who have given guidance along the slippery slope. Thanks to those of negative structure whom I had a hard time dealing with. For those of you I have had positive dealings with, you know where to find me Lastly I would like to thank the admin for the fairest of dealings. Ps...
  2. BottloBill

    Centennial hophash incoming

    Let's see what happens when it hits customs
  3. BottloBill

    WTB fridge in good condition

    Anyone around the Cessnock area selling a fridge! My dear old Mothers fridge just crapped itself and she hasn't much money for a replacement unfortunately. The Wifey and I decide to return the favour for all the help she gave us with the kidlets and chip in for a decent replacement.
  4. BottloBill

    Kracanup rhizomes

    Anybody jumped at the chance of buying the Kracanup variety on offer from W.A?
  5. BottloBill

    Show us your hop stash

    I wonder if the wife will let me plug the coolroom back in>_> This what I have in the brewery freezer and what arrived today that won't fit in:huh:
  6. BottloBill

    Soda stream set to release beer kits

    Already available in Germany and Switzerland, Soda stream are set to release the kits to the US market. The article can be found on a popular men's site.
  7. BottloBill

    No reply

    Is anyone else having trouble getting a reply from the admin team and can anyone here that has recently tried to contact Angie at media culture please share the email address so I can confirm I have the right one. Cheers BB
  8. BottloBill

    Summit and vic secret in an IPA

    Has anyone done this? Glanced over an article by brewdog saying they used it but no update or recipe
  9. BottloBill

    Stainless steel glass front fridge

    Just brought a trailer of these guys and they have this available $550 ono. These guys seem really negotiable on price as they took $100 straight off the price of the trailer. I wish I had the $$$ myself cause this thing is sexy and very clean. Pickup up in the Newcastle area, pics don't do it...
  10. BottloBill

    4 glass tasting paddle for under $8

    On sale @ aldi's boxing day
  11. BottloBill

    Interesting NOT

  12. BottloBill

    Found this today
  13. BottloBill

    Fermenting fridge interest

    So the wifey has upgraded to a new fridge and has kindly given me the old one for a fermenting chamberB) this will replace the one I am currently using thus meaning it will soon be up for grabs. I have kept all the shelves and also the crisper box that sits at the bottom. I have also made up a...
  14. BottloBill

    Crown 330ml bottles NEWCASTLE

    Just seeing if any interest for some of my excess bottles.... Cheers!
  15. BottloBill

    WTS medium upright freezer 216L

    Rough around the edges but runs like a charm. I have only recently turned it off and used it for storing bulk hops $30neg Pick-up Newcastle area
  16. BottloBill

    5 litre keg cooler

    PM if interested
  17. BottloBill

    Truck load of coopers twist top stubbies Newcastle area

    Just putting it out there to see if there is any interest for them. They are 375ml celebration bottles, a lot of them are not cleaned so there's a bit of work in getting them prepared for use. I have several hundred of these to move over the next few weeks as soon as I can dig them out.
  18. BottloBill

    Looking for rhizomes

    Does anyone in Newcastle or surrounding areas have any rhizomes, any variety they could spare or I could purchase?
  19. BottloBill

    Anyone used this variety?

    I was given some Vital/Cz to trial before making a bulk buy and comes with very little info, smells potent and bloody awesome
  20. BottloBill

    Wanted 5L mini kegs

    Must be non Heineken ones and in the Newcastle area, want to use them for homebrewing of cause. I am willing to pay but free would be better;)