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  1. parktho

    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    I'm migrating north and I've decided to sell my 3v setup to downsize to BIAB or a DIY BM. The rig has served me well doing single-batches, but is capable of double-batches. It's mobile - roll it in-and-out of the garage for brew day. A good starting point, it can easily be built on. I'm looking...
  2. parktho

    New Brewing Equipment: Brewie

    Hey, Was trying to find a discussion on this new brewing machine I've seen but couldn't find one. Thoughts? I just wonder how it keeps itself so clean. Hygiene will be critical if its also carrying out the fermentation. Thomas.
  3. parktho

    Complete Kegging Setup

    This is a complete kegging setup and includes: 4 19L Cornelius kegs purchased less than a year ago with new seal kits (some new seals still unused and in packaging). One of the Cornelius kegs is not shown as it still has beer in it! A Micromatic regulator - the original & the best. A Kelvinator...
  4. parktho

    Hlt, Electrics, March Pump & More!

    This is the remnants of my brewery which would ideally be sold altogether as the control panel is wired to control the HLT & the March pump. I have had this equipment about a year and it has only been used a handful of times. Included is a control panel which is already wired & ready to go. It...
  5. parktho

    36l Classic Cooler Mash Tun

    This is a classic-style 36 L cooler mash tun. Already assembled and only used a handful of times. No issues with leaks. 3-peice ball valve makes for easy cleaning. Also included is a microwave lid ideal for returning liquor in a gentle fashion to the top of the mash. Item is located in Bardon...
  6. parktho

    Bardon, Brisbane - Seeking help re Fridge Hole Drilling, etc

    So I'm just going to set my gear up on the verandah on the top our BBQ. I was hoping someone would want to come and help me set it up - I don't have many tools. I will need to drill some holes to attach my March pump and control panel to the BBQ's metal frame, but I have no drill! It would also...
  7. parktho

    Chasing Battery Charger Near City

    Not related to my setup or anything, just need to recharge a completely flat 12V 5Ah battery. I live in Bardon (near Paddingdon) and would really appreciate it. Thomas.
  8. parktho

    Babbs Attendees Near City On West Side Of River?

    G'day all, I live in Bardon on Jubilee Terrace. I'm looking for a few people to car pool with, so that we can take turns to be designated driver and the rest of us can enjoy the evening properly. That, or someone who wants to give me a lift every month. ;0) Thomas.
  9. parktho

    Melbourne's 2012 Good Beer Week

    It's coming up again. Just wondering if people had any plans. I'm in Brisbane and I'm looking at going down for the first weekend. They've got an event running over the first weekend - The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular - $35 entry, awesome array of beers, some...
  10. parktho

    Moved To Brisbane: Looking For a Brewing Partner

    G'day all, I wasn't sure where to post this and thought here's as good as anywhere else. My situation: I've just migrated from Mackay to Brisbane with most of my vehicle being occupied by my brewing equipment in peices. I've moved into a flat in Bardon where I'm house sharing and space is...
  11. parktho

    Accidental Overpriming: Which Bottles Can Handle It?

    Today I bulk primed a small batch of beer (my first AG using BIAB with a terrible efficiency) and several things happened which caused me to lose some beer, hence lessening the volume I had used to calculate my carbonation levels. As I normally do, I'd already dissolved the sugar in some of...
  12. parktho

    Wanted: Cooling Equipment

    Hey, I'm just moving to AG and I am looking for second-hand cooling equipment. I live in Mackay, Queensland but I will be making a brief visit to Melbourne next week (as long as it can fit in my suitcase, it should be no problems :) ). Thomas.
  13. parktho

    New Biab Setup

    G'day, I'm finally heading for all-grain by establishing a BIAB-type setup. I posted years ago because I came across a bit of equipment at the dump that I wanted to use in my first setup. Unfortunately, I've been overseas for a year-and-a-half and I came home only to find that the machine had...
  14. parktho

    Presenting The Wilburcurtis Ru300

    G'day, I was at the recycling centre near the dump the other day trying to find a fridge for use as an incubator when I stumbled across an WilburCurtis RU300 Automatic Coffee Urn which I paid $40 for. I've included the Service Manual and the Product Information Sheet. Basic jist of the system...
  15. parktho

    Digital Thermostats

    Has anyone used any of the digital thermostats which are readily available on Ebay for either a mash tun or converting a fridge into a temperature-controlled incubator? Here is an example. Thomas.
  16. parktho

    Methode De Champenoise

    G'day all, Just letting people know of my intention to attempt a homebrew using the traditional Champagne method of disgorging the bottle to remove yeast sediment. I saw it being done at a small winery, and it looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a go. The base beer hasn't gone as well...