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  1. TidalPete


    I have five litres of 70% Phosphoric Acid on hand & want to add a food-grade surfactant of some description. Need to know --- 1 -- The name of a decent (non-foaming) food-grade surfactant 2 -- How much to add to five litres of Phos 3 -- Where to purchase a small quantity if that's possible...
  2. TidalPete

    For Sale --- Mash Tun

    Selling on behalf of Battered Sav Brewery, Beerwah. This excellent 50-litre fully insulated mash tun with false bottom, wort return & pickup tube is now surplus to requirements & selling for $150.00. Pickup only. PM sav if interested.
  3. TidalPete

    Bits & Pieces Sale

    Having a bit of a cleanout & have these four items for sale. 1 -- Good quality STC-1000 all wired up for heat & cool & ready to go. Brand new & never used Comes with spare STC-1000 probe --- $49 + postage. 2 -- Lid opener for plastic fermenters --- $14 + postage. 3 -- Custom-built stainless...
  4. TidalPete

    5.00Kg CO2 Bottle For Sale

    G’day Brewers, Selling my 5.0kg stinguisher bottle (dip tube removed, painted grey with flash-arse sticker :P ) which has a leaky stinguisher valve for $40.00. A proper screw-down valve to replace the stuffed stinguisher valve can be purchased from Keg King for $20 + postage ---...
  5. TidalPete

    HEX For Sale

    G'day Brewers, I have my old faithful HEX for sale due to a recent upgrade. It has been absolutely excellent & ramps up to a bit over 1.4 deg c per minute in my system. Only reason for selling is that this is the last copper in my 4-vessel HERMS & I can now run the caustic through the brewery...
  6. TidalPete

    For Sale ---- FridgeMate Temperature Controller

    FridgeMate Temperature Controller. All boxed up & ready to go. Even has instructions laminated on the lid. $35 + postage. PM me if interested.
  7. TidalPete

    For Sale ---- Chest Freezer

    Small Westinghouse chest freezer with FridgeMate temperature controller. Has basket & will take 4 x kegs if a collar is fitted. Old but runs\seals like a charm. No rust. Has a few small wear marks on edge of lid in front of FridgeMate. Easily fixed. $70 including the FridgeMate temp controller...
  8. TidalPete

    For Sale --- CPBF

    Brewers, Further into my clean-up I have a CPBF in absolutely excellent condition for sale at $60.00 + postage. Happy with pickup if that suits. Also includes instruction manual + modified ss washer to enable the filling of glass bottles as well as PET bottles. PM me if interested.
  9. TidalPete

    Bottle Carriers For Sale

    Brewers, I'm having a bit of a clean out & have nine of these bottle carriers for sale at $9 each. Carriers are cross-wise stackable & will hold 10 x 750ml tallies. Handy for swaps, etc Picks are only for illustration but chucking in 40 x Coopers long necks just because I can. :) Pick up only...
  10. TidalPete

    For Sale ----- Complete Tap Sets

    Brewers, I have for sale 2 Perlick 575 taps in perfect condition. Each tap comes complete with 3.0” ss shank plus JG Female Adaptor plus JG Stem Elbow to connect to your beer line. Also included is a complete spare set of O-rings for each tap. Spout plug tossed in. Asking $54.00 plus postage...
  11. TidalPete

    For Sale Sunshine Coast -- 2 x Corny Kegs

    Have two x corny kegs surplus to my needs here at $60.00 each. Cleaned & pressure tested & in VGC. Pick up preferred but can deliver to Brissie next time I'm down that way. PM me if interested.
  12. TidalPete

    Filter For Sale

    1 x unused beer filter consisting of 1 x one micron "absolute" top quality brand new American pleated filter, 1 x filter housing with purge button & JG quick disconnects on inlet & outlet + 1 x beer filter base for stability of the unit. Asking $95 + postage. Can Bring to the Xmas-in-July...
  13. TidalPete

    Raising a Glass on Anzac Day --- Top Stuff! Lest We Forget.
  14. TidalPete

    For Sale

    Selling my bottle rinser which is made to mount on a garden fence or garden post to recycle the water. Rinses 10 bottles at a time & by sitting an el-cheapo pond pump in a bucket of sanitiser then connecting to the hose connecter it will sanitise your bottles as well. Fence bracket is painted...
  15. TidalPete

    Illiteracy In Oz

    Absolutely NOT pointing the finger at anyone but with the declining standards of education basics in Australia I'm sure lots of you have taken note of numerous mis-spellings on posts on AHB over the years? All very sad when education in Oz can't even teach the basics even to those with fancy...
  16. TidalPete


    Brewers, Starting this thread in an attempt to get information on the best "value-for-money" single car garage on the (Qld) market. I would think that sheds\garages are just like anything else you buy in that some are better (or worse) than others & with that in mind would appreciate your...
  17. TidalPete

    Removing Freezer Condensation

    Brewers, I'm tired of mopping out my converted 500 litre freezer every week or so to get rid of the condensation water lying on the bottom & was thinking of getting one of THESE. Problem is that the outer case is made of cardboard (Emailed them) & I'm unsure if it's waterproof enough to be...
  18. TidalPete

    Too Old For Ahb?

    I have recently been told by cotcho cocko kofo or whoever??? that I'm too old to be participating on this forum & that my typing skills are ratshit being the geriatric that I am. NO WORRIES! I have moved on past such small-minded comments & I forgive you whatever your name is? (I forget :lol:)...
  19. TidalPete

    20 Plate Ss Plate Chiller

    Owing to a change of plans I have for sale this brand new 20 plate Chillout Plate Chiller still in the box & never used. Can't remember if it's the Mk2 or the Mk3 but purchased from one of the above sponsers 6 or 7 months ago & now surplus to requirements I'm asking $109.00 pickup only. Anyone...
  20. TidalPete

    Logo Stickers

    I was going to post this on an old thread I had in "Favourites" but the thread no longer exists. :( I'm getting short of logo stickers & so need more. A lot of us used to get them done by Warb who does not seem to be around the forum much these days. Franko used to do the logos for a lot of...