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  1. dougsbrew

    Second Amendment?

    I reckon Barack Obama passed up a golden opportunity here, after Sandy Hook massacre he talked tough, shed a tear and then handballed the issue off to dissapear. He's on his last term so whats there to loose, overturning the fifth, he'd be known for ever. I wonder how many Sandy Hook parents are...
  2. dougsbrew


    Winter is approaching, port is back on the drinks menu. Port drinkers, whats your favorite?
  3. dougsbrew

    shitty stout anyone?

    sold out they reckon, that report was on the 1st april..
  4. dougsbrew

    texas tea, we love our oil

    Dubai Police announced today that it had added a Lamborghini Aventador to its fleet of police vehicles. The 700-horsepower patrol car, which has been customised for highway patrols, can reach a top speed of 350km/h and came with a $520,000 price tag. The police force said its enhanced ability...
  5. dougsbrew

    drivethrough cat lol, im sure it would have done more than just cheeseburgers and nuggets....did it turn its nose up at a big mac?
  6. dougsbrew

    Its on....a new leader ALP?

    Will we see K Rudd return....
  7. dougsbrew

    facebook - blocking

    can you stop someone posting on your homepage without cutting them off completely. dont want to offend by not being friend anymore but am getting shits with all the crap that is being posted on my home page ie. - horoscopes, likeing crap, help with puzzles , pictures of rubbish, take this...
  8. dougsbrew

    alcohol prefered drug of choice

    99% of us have experienced alcohol. where is that other 1% hiding.. surprised nitrous polled so well !
  9. dougsbrew

    darren lockyer and gas

    hmm so sad, must be hard up for a buck, now a front for the coal seam industry. the series still in play can be seen here - i love this bit copied of their website -- The majority of the fluids which are pumped underground during the hydraulic...
  10. dougsbrew

    Bar Maid or Stripper

    the missus had 2 prospective employees come through the door yesterday, one a bar maid, the other a stripper. was for labouring type of work. mmm, wish i was there for the interview .. :unsure:
  11. dougsbrew

    stare at the dot

    try it out - instructions bottom of pic..
  12. dougsbrew

    Breaking News

    Apparently, sports such as afl and rugby, players have been using drugs and these drugs have been sourced from criminals.. Who would of thought...FFS...isnt it normal for someone with a knee reco or a hamstring injury to be back on feild within a couple weeks. mmm still trying to come to terms...
  13. dougsbrew

    Ahb Offline Tonight- What To Do?

    omg what to do.. spend quality time with the missus.. design a new kick ass recipe.. boil some water and pretend its wort..
  14. dougsbrew

    Vb Champion Beer Of Show

    Did anyone see the full page advertisement in the courier mail on friday? VB was awarded gold for best aussie lager and 'beer of the show' . it was in the queensland food and wine comp and was the full strength version. i ran over to the bottle shop to try and get my hands on one but fridge...
  15. dougsbrew

    Mobile Keg Setup Thread - Beer On The Go

    Post in this Thread pictures of Mobile Setups to help brewers wanting to make one for themselves. My setup, 90mm pvc pipe 1 metre $3.50, cap $1.00, camp matress $5.00, bucket $6.00. The other gear i already had, insulation around pipe is for ice which which goes around font and beer line...
  16. dougsbrew

    Keg Mate - Adapting For More Taps?

    hi there, just came into possesion of a kegmate fridge which has a round stainless post with just the one hole in the top for one beer tap. i want to put 2 beer taps on it. anyone done this mod without replacing post, ie cutting the top out wider?
  17. dougsbrew

    Health Matters More Seriously?

    beerdrinkingaussies news clip, aussies drinking less..
  18. dougsbrew

    Using Kopperfloc

    hi there, i used kopperfloc for the first time last night and my results were bad. usually i dont have any problem with break seperation however reading the write up, better stability, shorter ferment time, clearer wort etc, i thought id give it a go. the break was suspended throughout the...
  19. dougsbrew

    Hbs North Brissy Hops

    where can i buy hops on the north side of brisbane except for ennogera brewers choice? im at deagon.
  20. dougsbrew

    Xxxx Bitter

    is it just me or is it loosing its flavour. i use to drink it alot back when the cans were black. they were 4.8%, now there punching at 4.6%. and they dont seem to have that lovely cluster hit anymore. during my last tour at milton the guide mentioned that they had found a way to make the...