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  1. Fro-Daddy

    WTB: Mashmaster Mini Mill (aka Mill Master)

    My Malt Muncher mill is a couple of years old and I'm having some trouble so I've decided to upgrade and thought I would try second hand to save a few dollars. If I'm unsuccessful then I'll just buy something new. If anyone is looking to offload their geared and fluted mill please let me know...
  2. Fro-Daddy

    Heat Pack

    Hi all, So I have half a sack of BB wheat malt and was wondering if I can make a small heat pack out of it? You know, the ones you put in the microwave and use to ease muscle pain and stuff. I'm not sure if this is the 'correct wheat' for a heat pack, but I'm sure someone has tried it before...
  3. Fro-Daddy

    Want to try new grain

    So I've been doing AG for a little while now, only making ales and usually using MO or a Pale/Wheat mix, sometimes a little crystal/caramalt. I wouldn't mind something with a bit more colour on tap but the problem is that if I taste anything like coffee in a beer I instantly dislike it. When...
  4. Fro-Daddy

    Government brews up plans to strengthen Brisbane's craft beer scene Queensland will become the first state in Australia to brew up a dedicated craft beer strategy. The Queensland government announced a working group on...
  5. Fro-Daddy

    Grain mill setup

    So, I've just got my first grain mill and want to make sure I do things correctly. I got the Malt Muncher with a hopper and base board. I've set the gap with a credit card and it is even from side to side, locked in the roller so it should be fine. I've got a drill ready to go so I don't need...
  6. Fro-Daddy

    Anything similar to goose midway or 3 bolt?

    Hi, Recently moved to AG and looking to do something other than recreate my extract recipes. When I was in Tasmania I liked the Goose Midway IPA but have no idea where to start in trying to make something even remotely close, has anyone here come across something similar? Google searches come...
  7. Fro-Daddy

    New brewer

    Hello friends, pretty new to brewing here, just doing some extract stuff but would be keen to learn more. This forum doesn't look overly busy, but I'd like to join in if possible and go to a few meet and greets. Cheers Ryan
  8. Fro-Daddy

    Free fridges - Brisbane

    Hi all, my partner spotted a couple of free fridges on Don Young Road in Nathan. The sticker says they work but since they aren't mine I can't be sure. Be quick if you want them!
  9. Fro-Daddy

    Any Brisbane clubs active?

    I'm just starting to get in to brewing and was wondering if any Brisbane based clubs were still active? I've gotten a lot of information from reading on here but i find when talking to people i get a lot more tips and tricks. I'm on the Southside near calamvale but don't mind traveling. Cheers
  10. Fro-Daddy

    Chilling a 5L extract boil

    I've done a bit of a search and read various opinions on chilling. Most of what I've read is: Cool as fast as possible Put a lid on to avoid infection (ice bath) Don't aerate My question is, say i use the laundry tub as my ice bath, can i just add a few litres of water directly to the wort to...
  11. Fro-Daddy

    Frozen wort and yeast

    Hi there, I think i made a big mistake by trying to get my wort to a lower temperature in a fridge i hadn't tested. I had a temp probe the fridge but the controller wasn't hooked up, it got to -3°C. The wort was like a slushy and i had a packet of yeast (mangrove jacks m84 bohemian lager) in...
  12. Fro-Daddy

    Brisbane noob

    Hi all, I recently bought a series 3 kegerator because beer. I filled up my 3 kegs with different types of beer, going to give cider a go next from the local brewery. Since I have 3 kegs and only 2 taps, I've considered brewing my own, which is why I'm here! I'll be doing a lot of reading and...