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  1. CmdrRyekr

    Normandy Cider - Bottle dregs?

    Had this one a few years ago. Screamed Brett, barnyard sweaty horse sack type deal on the nose, but the flavour was divine. Anyone know if this has bottle dregs that can be cultured, or have they added sulfites to stop the yeast? This gear...
  2. CmdrRyekr

    Grain Storage options - Gamma Vault

    I saw these jobbies in Costco here in Radelaide back nearly 12 months ago now, but haven't seen them since. I fucking hate how Costco do that shit. Anyway, Has anyone seen these sort of things in their local costco? Got mates in Sydney and Melbourne who could possibly help out. I really just...
  3. CmdrRyekr

    Uh, guys.. lil' help?

    So i've been brewing lagers with coopers cans from big w for a long time now, probably 8 years or so. Always made a good beer! But I want to make it better, so now i've gone All Grain. I made my first beer but it didn't turn out very well, my good old can brews came out much better. Can you guys...
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