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    Keg king series 4 kegerator and bar

    Any questions ask away
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    Wtb glycol set up vic

    Hi all I’m after a glycol set up if anyone is selling anything please pm me thanks
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    I’m looking for some new dispensing gear min of 3 kegs being about to fit or be dispensed. Don’t want keg king as there products are garbage in warm weather can’t get the temp to drop below 9-25 (current fridge I have is only 6-12 months old
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    Looking for Corny kegs sth east melb

    Looking for items for Keggin after kegs and a new keg fridge commercial or icebank glycol chiller. Thanks
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    Hi all I’m after a jockey box for the summer any help would be awesome [emoji1303][emoji1303]
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    Hi guys just looking for a chiller plate to make a jockey box for Xmas holidays. Any help would be awesome
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    Noob question making a starter for wlp051

    Hi guys my yeast is past it’s best by was going to pitch 2 to 40l fresh wort kits of red ipa. Bloke in shop said just drop it in but thinking there out of date might need a starter. Any help be awesome Thanks
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    Flooding a font with submerged pump

    Hi I am after picture of blokes who have set this up I have put pictures of my set up below I want to flood a 3 tap font
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    Old corny kegs

    Old cornies
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    Wtb ice bank or chiller

    Hi everybody I'm after an icebank or chiller for my home set up I'm thinking leaving kegs in kegerator and then dispensing through icebank or chiller. So then I can also make use of my flooded font or else it kind of seems a waste any help would be awesome guys [emoji106]
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    Wtb: flooded font 3-4 Taps

    Hi there I'm after a flooded font 3-4 taps looking to spend 150/200. And info on best way to set up a flooded font with kegerator its to sit on top of a bar, happy to provide a few beers for help [emoji106]
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    Kegerators vs icebank

    Hi all, I have been looking into a bracton subzero kegerator having no luck getting response from them customer service at this stage is pretty poor. So have been thinking of alternatives, a keezer is not for me. So what options do I have I want to run 4 taps on a bar was thinking icebank system...
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    WTB : Glycol unit/ kegs

    I'm after a glycol unit with flooded font if anyone has one for sale cheers [emoji106][emoji106] Also after some second hand kegs in good knock after already been screwed over on 3 I got second hand that for the life of me wont seal got when I was New and had no idea about brewing or kegs they...
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    Does the fermenter temperature control flavour of beer for instance have done two brews exactly the same completely different taste, first one was no temp control around 22-24 degrees, next was temp control 18-20 and the non temp control was better. It was an American pale ale cascade and galaxy...
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    Looking for 19l kegs and bits and pieces SE Melbourne

    Just starting out so looking to start a good set up help be awesome :)