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    Hickinbotham of Dromana Oktoberfest

    Weather mightn't look promising but with over 20 different varieties of beer on offer, you might just think this is what a Sunday session is all about anyway.
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    Bayside Brewers 2016 Oktoberfest

    Our annual event will take place on the 6th November this year. Slight change in so far as well also have a number of New-World styles to complement our usual German style beers. If you've got a calendar on the fridge, mark it up and you won't be disappointed.
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    Bayside Brewers Annual Oktoberfest

    Our Oktoberfest is fast approaching again and as per previous years the weekend is divided into judging on the Saturday followed by our tasting day on Sunday You can download the latest version of our 2015 entry form from the following location:
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest this Sunday

    A reminder for all those that have attended in previous years, our event is on again this Sunday. Anyone else slightly interested, then come along as you won't be disappointed.
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    Hop Plants Mornington Peninsula

    A quick shout out to anyone interested in coming along to the Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest (20th October), we will have a selection of plants for purchase once again. More of an incentive to get a few more people to our event and you can take something away with you at the end of the day...
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Hop Sale

    A quick reminder that there will be a number of Chinook and Cascade potted plants for purchase at our Oktoberfest today ($18 each - $30 for two). Our flyer has been posted in the Pub section for reference, so if your in the area drop in.
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Family Day

    The times come around once again to advertise our annual family day... In addition to the great beers, food and entertainment that will be on offer, there will be a number of Cascade, Chinook and POR hop plants there on the day to purchase if your half keen but have left it to late to collect...
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Fast Approaching

    Download pdf versions can be accessed here:
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    Hop Plants And The Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest

    As part of our event next Sunday, we will have a number of potted hop plants for sale on the day if anyone is interested. Varieties include both Pride of Ringwood and Chinook as well as some that have been propargated from the wild hops found in the Otways (ask me on the day and I'll explain...
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    Bayside Brewer's Oktoberfest Competition

    Oktoberfest is our annual homebrewed beer competition organised and run by the Bayside Brewers. Entries are open for all German style beers in the wheat, pale larger, dark larger and bock categories. Entries are open to all Victorian and interstate independent and club-affiliated amateur...