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  1. mrTbeer

    Mash berry

    Haven't tried this yet but will be looking into it.
  2. mrTbeer

    Anyone know where I can 90deg bend for co2?

    Craftbrewer used to sell this product but apparently the company has gone bust. Hi T, sorry we will not stocking the elbow Soda Stream adaptors any more. Hi T, sorry the company we used to buy them from no longer exists. You should be able to buy the elbow from a stainless fitting place...
  3. mrTbeer

    Flare fitting

    Looking for one of these but couldn't find at local brew shop and can't find online in Australia. Found female version @ craftbrewer Found it in USA but am not paying $40 delivery for a $2.50 part...
  4. mrTbeer

    Pimp My TapKing

    Here are the components. And here is the mockup. I've been following the forum on tap king and got frustrated trying to work with tiny bulbs, triangular screws, little springs and weak plastics. With the exception of 1x90deg brass...
  5. mrTbeer

    Sunshine Coast Grain Buy - Big Pineapple

    Looking to organise a bulk buy of grains. Maybe should be in retail section, feel free to move this post. Original Post
  6. mrTbeer

    What do Vegan zombies say?

    . . . . . grains, grains!!
  7. mrTbeer

    Mytton Rodd keg 22L ball lock

    Selling my largest keg as its too big for my fridge. Ball lock, seals replaced a year ago? Same diameter as regular 18/19L corny keg but taller, extra 3L fits a standard 5gal brew. No black rubber all stainless collar and base. $80 Sunshine Coast pickup
  8. mrTbeer

    Brewbake Big Pineapple OPEN

    Picked up my first 1L bottle today. Porter & Wheat on tap with Pale boiling on the BM right now. At $9.95/litre for Porter it tastes great. Only place I know on Sunshine Coast that will fill growlers.
  9. mrTbeer

    What is the TWANG taste?

    I haven't been in this hobby too long but have been going back to a Kit again instead of AG. Picked up a can of Cascade Chocolate Porter when visiting their brewery in Hobart and made it with a few improvements from basic recipe. (Apparently they are discontinuing their Cans) Anyway I used the...
  10. mrTbeer

    Fcuking Hell

    Anyone know if it's true or not? Anyone tried the beer? The European Union (EU) has granted permit to an Austrian brewery to use officially the controversial name of their beer: Fucking Hell. It is a fully legitimate permit. "Hell" in German means "Light" and the beer is produced in...
  11. mrTbeer

    Importing alcohol spirits - just 1 bottle

    Hi, I'd like to buy a bottle of patron tequila reposado 1.75litres. I can't find any Aussie websites or stores that have that large size. The only websites I can find that do sell it are American and don't post internationally. Any ideas? It's great tequila but it's also a really nice big hand...
  12. mrTbeer

    RAAF to buy Growler technology.

    Had to have a giggle when the government is investing in growlers. Although 12 Boeing EA-18's probably hold more than 24L of beer.
  13. mrTbeer

    RSA guidelines.

    Has anyone done the Responsible Service of Alcohol online course? I haven't but I want to know if it's legal to sell full strength beer at an outdoor event. I know over the last 5years it has been increasingly difficult and certainly at Stadiums impossible for even longer. But is it law or is it...
  14. mrTbeer

    Big Pineapple Music Festival

    If one ever needs an example of how not to run a bar this is it. 10000 tickets all pre sold and they still ran out of beer. They only had mid strength mega swills anyway. People q'd for hours to buy tokens and bar q was measured in 1/2 increments. No eftpos. No ale, no full strength beer. No...
  15. mrTbeer

    Green St Patricks Beer

    I've been asked by an Irish friend to brew some brew beer for their St Pats party. (March 17th) Another friend runs a pub/club and has offered green dye. Question is, do I; - brew a light coloured lager so it's green throughout. - brew a stout/porter with a green coloured head. I've got my...
  16. mrTbeer

    Flying Keg Photos

    Beer Carrying Spitfires! In the lighter moments of World War II, the Spitfire was used in an unorthodox role:bringing beer kegs to the men in Normandy. During the war, the Heneger and Constable brewery donated free beer to the troops.After D-Day, supplying the invasion troops in Normandy with...
  17. mrTbeer

    Express Post Fail Perishables

    I had some Ale Malt and Galena hops express posted to me on 2/12/11. I was unable to check the tracking info as it turns out I was given the wrong tracking number. Now that I have the right tracking number it says 'Delivered 6/12/11' BUT I still don't have parcel or even a reminder that i have a...
  18. mrTbeer

    Low Carbohydrate - Stay With Me

    I'm generally a critic of mainstream low carbohydrate beers as they are often low on flavour. I've also read that it's the alcohol not the carbohydrates that are the bads guys anyway. I'm happy being naive medically but thought as a (new) brewer i should at least know what makes a low carb...
  19. mrTbeer

    Kerb Side And Junk Room Brisbane

    Had a weekend in Bris and found a few new bars. Junk bar in ash grove is decked out like a 70s hunting lodge serves good cocktails, basic food and a handful of different beers. Not flash interior but worth a look. Kerb side in the f valley. Also decked out in 70s couches but in a warehouse type...
  20. mrTbeer


    Firstly I'm not affiliated with this company. Looks like a nice new product though. Stainless beer growler. Great for home brewers, if the price is right. Seems to have the advantages of kegs at the scale of bottles. Would be good if pubs like Archive got...