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    Dark Saison

    So I put down a 'regular' saison and pleased thus far with the results so I was looking around on how to reuse the yeast and make something a bit different and came upon a few US breweries making dark saison. So I came up with this Coopers Dark Ale 1.7 Dark Dried Malt Extract 1 Raw Sugar 0.250...
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    Coopers- What Gives?

    I mean the irony is their homebrew selection has a wider variety than their 'commercial' examples. I mean it is within their power to throw us a bone and give us a seasonal release once in while (I know the vintage ale is kinda supposed to be this but it is always a strong ale).
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    Stand Up

    Stewart Lee on Top Gear Frankie Boyle (NSFW)
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    Rye And Biab

    I was wondering if anybody had any experiences since I'd like to try BIAB with rye. 30% from what I searched seems manageable conventionally.
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    Coopers Dark Ale And T-58

    I was thinking about putting down this recipe -Coopers Dark Ale 1.7kg -LDME 1kg -Sugar 0.5kg Made to 20L using T-58 I'm basically worried about the IBU (which comes to 37) overpowering the yeast profile. Or could somebody recommend me another kit to use?