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  1. Snowdog

    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    I need to put this place on my list of go-visits. Best check if its still going first. These days, Project only allows it if BurgerChiefs aren't set up in the front, which they usually are.
  2. Snowdog

    The Foragers Drop

    I hot the place up a number of times over the year, and the bottleshop at street level too. Moved to Werribee though so miss the place, though I do have HopHeads right by the Altona train station....
  3. Snowdog

    The Foragers Drop

    Found this place rather randomly one day around the end of lockdown #iforgot after furniture shopping down the street. Nice taplist ... need to get back over there for a beer again sometime.
  4. Snowdog

    Golden hills brewery

    The Golden Hills beers are quite nice. The Northcote Brewpub serves them. Had their WCIPA with a pizza before going to the movie the other day. Haven't tried their stout yet.
  5. Snowdog

    2Rupees, Clayton Vic

    They didn't keep that well as the last couple were flat. Was nice for the first couple days thugh.
  6. Snowdog

    Hard Road Brewing - Bayswater Vic

    I got to timing my visits to be able to get to Grants Sourdough to get a loaf of bread before they closed at 3PM on Wednesdays, then head to Hard Road for a pint right when they opened at 3.
  7. Snowdog

    Hard Road Brewing - Bayswater Vic

    Found Hard Road Brewing kind of randomly during the lockdown and really like their 'Righty's Pale Ale'. They brew a decent stable of beer!
  8. Snowdog

    2Rupees, Clayton Vic

    I like these guys. Prefer to have beer on site as their canned product was somewhat hit & miss. Lovely rectangle pizzas! Close to home and its always nice to have one with a couple of their pale ales as we sit outside and make up stories of how the wrecked cars next door got into their current...
  9. Snowdog

    Just chilli recipes

    Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca) To make up a batch of this Pico de Gallo/ Fresca Salsa, get: - one Red Capsicum - one Yellow Capsicum - one Green/Yellow sweet banana chili - one Jalapeno (more, or add a Habenero if more heat is desired.) - a bunch of Shallot Spring Onions - three cloves of Garlic...
  10. Snowdog

    The Sausage Thread

    (nearly a year later...) Sounds like a good recipe. What chilies did you use?
  11. Snowdog

    Beef jerky in a dehydrator - how to cure

    I've had good results with this recipe. It is a bit of work, but comes out nicely. Jerky Here it goes for your enjoyment..... First, the meat. Any good beef or venison cut will work, but if you want a lower fat beef jerky use about a kilo (2 pounds) of brisket or flank steak. Mix together...
  12. Snowdog

    Photobucket Ransomware

    A good alt is Imgur. Free for now, and much easier to use than Photobucket. Photobucket has been throwing pop-ups and limiting upload speed for non-paying accounts for years, so I abandoned my account a few years ago. I noted that the few old images I still use that are hosed on my old account...
  13. Snowdog

    Has Lcpa Changed?

    Yes, it is. I bought a carton a while back as it was on special for less than $60, and it tasted like it. It wasn't "bad", just very meh. It was a far cry from what I used to get in 2007. I tend to get 4 Pines Pale as a general fridge beer these days. Yes, Cooper's Pale is my solid go-to when...
  14. Snowdog

    I went for a beer at Aether Brewing in Brissie last week

    My wife & I recently did this crawl round-trip starting on Caxton St. We were staying at the Gambaro as a 'staycation' away from home while we both had time off from work. Had a primer at Brewski, a follow-up beer with a cheeseburger at Fritzenburger, then took the walk down past the stadium to...
  15. Snowdog

    Independent Bottlos In Brisbane

    Craft Red Hill has become my local bottlo, even if all I am getting is a case of 4 Pines. Usually my beer budget takes a bit hit when I visit.
  16. Snowdog

    Craft Breweries take case to WTO

    So they're upset about American microbrewery's local tax advantage? Hmm... If this part gets any traction, I'm guessing that the imports will start withdrawing from the market. I get the rest of the article on tap contracts and contracted fridge space. Good to see more local variety appearing...
  17. Snowdog

    Nostalgia (the beers we left behind)

    Seattle 1983... Red Hook Ale was full-bodied, cloudy, and delicious. Then they changed to 'red Hook ESB' ... still good, but filtered and clear. Then somewhere they lost their way. Granted, if in Seattle and I can't see anything else I would like to have, I'll order a Red Hook. But it has gone...
  18. Snowdog

    Little Creatures Pale Ale Post Buy Out

    Since I'm on a tight budget, I've been drinking more LCPA of late. Have to say there is currently a noticeable difference between the Freo and Geelong bottles. The Freos are clear and taste a bit weak, while the Geelongs are the old-school cloudy and full of flavour. The dates on both are...
  19. Snowdog

    Breweries in Oregon and Washington

    If you're going to be in the Seattle area and can only hit one brewpub, go east of Lake Washington to Black Raven Brewing! Its worth the trip! Beaux brews some crackers! While in Redmond, you can hit up the Malt & Vine bottleshop for some takeaway or sit and drink!
  20. Snowdog

    Brewvegas 23 to 29 March

    Damn... what a shit time to have to be watching the budget and saving for our holiday in May.... Lots of Beeriness going down in Brizz.... Considering doing the Ekim Viking gig at BOSC on the 29th.... Newstead IPA breakfast sounds like a winner..... :beerbang: