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  1. sp0rk

    What are you listening to

    Seeing Ne Obliviscaris in Sydney next month, so they're on heavy rotation right now Also pretty chuffed that Rivers of Nihil are touring with them
  2. sp0rk

    Good old Coopers Yeast

    I did the tour in 2016 and the tour guide was a homebrewer, he told me that the bottles at that point the yeast in bottles was the same as the primary strain I also recall sometime around then that @DucatiBoyStu had done a Coopers beer dinner with Dr Tim and was told the same thing
  3. sp0rk

    Building stuff in the shed

    It's a pity that @DucatiBoyStu doesn't post here anymore, he bought himself a lathe and has turned up some knurled rollers for mills
  4. sp0rk

    Digiboil hacks

    Reading at the head of the column to control power is a very bad idea temps can fluctuate along the column, so this will lead to the boiler coming off boil, your reflux will drop and you'll get horrible smearing through your fractions You guys already sell the perfect solution, a voltage...
  5. sp0rk


    I miss Bum and Nick...
  6. sp0rk

    Digiboil Thermostat?

    Don't fall into that fallacy Liquid will boil at it's boiling point, ascending as it boils off seperate compounds (which doesn't happen how you'd think in the real world) When running as a still, just set the temp to 100c, use a voltage regulator to control the vapour speed Trying to run off...
  7. sp0rk

    Cooking with Gas

    I brewed BIAB & 3V over a gas burner for almost a decade With a decently insulated keggle, I didn't heat it at all during the mash and even in sub 0 temps here in the Upper Hunter, I only got about a 2c drop during the mash Experience with your setup will eventually able you to know exactly how...
  8. sp0rk

    Stainless steel conical fermenters

    I can HIGHLY recommend the Cheeky Peak Nano-X range, I'm on my first brew with mine after 15 years with plastic fermenters and I love it
  9. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    the barb & nut part alone would likely be $4 from most outlets, then another $6 for a fairly complicated injection moulded part? Seems pretty reasonable to me, stop being so cheap, costs have dropped GREATLY in the last 10 years, be grateful you're not paying the kinds of costs we used to pay
  10. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    unless you're using a pump to shift the water, dispensing with CO2 will carbonate your water no matter how low your pressure is I've chased that dragon and there's no solution I ended up going back to just soda water on tap because the pump was a huge pain
  11. sp0rk

    What are you brewing 2022

    Seems like we don't have a thread for this yet and it's nearly 3 months into the year... I'll kick it off Knocking out a quick easy cornflakes cream ale for a keg filler 3.7kg pale malt 400g Aldi Cornflakes 150g JW Light Crystal A couple of handfuls of rice hulls Mash @ 65C for 60 Mash out @...
  12. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Legends! Thank you very much, I'll sit down over the weekend and try to get this knocked out I'll link my design a new thread when it's done
  13. sp0rk

    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Yep, security certificate expired 2 weeks ago
  14. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @KegLand-com-au I sent a PM a while back about this and haven't heard anything, but I'm really hoping you can help me out In regards to 3D printing tap locks for your Nukataps My 3 year old has recently figured out how to serve himself from the soda water tap, so I thought I'd better 3D print...
  15. sp0rk

    What will you have in your chilled beer mug later today?

    Why would we be drinking before 3am?
  16. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi guys, Do you know if the upgrade kit is compatible with the older green version of this pump?
  17. sp0rk

    brewdog doco

    This didn't age well...
  18. sp0rk

    How To Get Stop Yeast Settling on the Cone of Your Fermentor

    something, something, hitachi wand, something, something
  19. sp0rk

    Brewman Dealz

    Fingers crossed the new PC offerings are out by that point, I'm hoping the 3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend is back on offer
  20. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    But you didn't address the question...