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    Places that do keg exchange (filled with beer!)

    Bojak over in Dandy sells 20L kegs for around $150. I've tried 3-4 different cans and they've all been pretty good.
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    Bia Hoi

    I'm heading to Vietnam next week for 10 days. If I find any local brewers I'll ask.
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    Brewtools Miniuni

    Oops, yep!
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    Brewtools Miniuni

    I have a B80 fermenter hooked up to their minichilly 05 glycol unit. Not cheap @ $2k but superb quality and it crashes 50L of beer from 21c down to 2c in about an hour, depending on ambient temp.
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    INKBIRD Bluetooth Kitchen Scales Giveaway!!! -NEW RELEASE

    Looks great, I'd love one thanks!
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    Withdrawn Brewtools gear for sale (Sydney)

    Dang, I'd be interested if I lived near Sydney.
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    Nice one Dunc. Have do you find the SmartPID / Brewfather integration? In my first 3-4 brews with that setup I had two recurring issues: 1. BF kept trying to do a step mash despite my recipe being a single step mash. 2. SmartPID recipe steps getting out of sync with BF schedule. Now I just...
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    Best Conical Pressurised fermenter

    I have a brewtools F80 and minichilly glycol cooler. It wasn't cheap but it ticks every box and it's for life. The glycol system will cold crash 50L of ale in just over an hour. Clean up is easy with CIP. Superb kit.
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    Quick Oats - usage

    I usually throw 500g of no name rolled oats into my hazy beers plus another 500g malted wheat. Then around 150g of rice hulls to help with efficiency.
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    The false bottom doesn't specify "must use with helix coil to be effective". It's basically false advertising.
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    I used the false bottom with my Guten 70 this week. Hazy pale recipe with 100gm whirlpool. It's pretty much useless, as you can see the holes in the mesh aren't fine enough to trap the hops. I'm going back to the hop spider and I'll throw in 20% extra to compensate for lower utilisation.
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    Brewbrain Float hydrometer

    I've been considering the new Tilt Pro until pricing was announced at $340 AUD, too much for a brew gadget in my view. What attracted me was the double sized unit that supposedly addresses concerns with the earlier models, eg, readings all over the place especially during high krauzen. Then I...
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    Grainfather is nice but brewfather integration with Guten via SmartPID is next level. Funny how a single app developer can provide a 10x better user experience (in brewfather) vs Grainfather with their app that hasn't really been enhanced in any serious way since it was launched 3-4 years ago.
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    Jeepers I have that same SSR that came with the SmartPID on my Guten 70. I think it's time for a replacement!
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    The pump is hooked up to one of the built-in relays in the SmartPID, so it's either on or off. There is a spare DC out that is designed to run say a fridge, so technically you could hook it up to a relay to drive a pump. I'm not sure how you would throttle it though, as it won't be governed by a...
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    My Guten 70 is now integrated with Brewfather and SmartPID! I transferred a recipe and was able to control the pump and heating elements from BF. Absolutely stoked. Something weird going on with the reported temperature (it's not that cold in Melbourne tonight), might be PID calibration or...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Do we know the minimum batch size for the 14 & 27 gallon X1 conicals? And will you be offering the neoprene jacket and any form of heating element?
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    I assume your GF died so you had a free controller, otherwise they're around $220 on eBay and they don't have WiFi. I think $300 for a wifi enabled smartPID is a pretty good deal by comparison.
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    Here's a detailed SmartPID upgrade guide for the Hopcat/Guten. I love the idea of brewfather wifi integration!
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    Dry hopping techniques

    I read the same article mentioned by the OP. I have a DIPA in primary right now. I might split my dry hop half/half at high krauzen and during cold crash. Will report back.