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    Bottle Storage.

    I stored them in milk crates and then just had a sheet or two over them. I also had some in sealed storage boxes from Bunnings. It would have been expensive to store them all like this (we had 200-250+ bottleS) and the milk crates were also much easier to move around once the bottles were...
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    First time brewing need help

    As stated below, it'll be fine. Just be careful of stirring lots until dissolved so it doesn't sit on the bottom and scorch. Good luck and welcome to homebrewing!
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Hey Steve, Do you currently have the Roselare blend in stock? If not can I get one ordered please. Cheers, NattyJ
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    Ginger beer from scratch

    Made one a little while back. It was bone dry. No sweetness to talk of. Mine definitely required sweetening at serving and I used Sodastrean style cordials. I definitely couldn't drink it without it!
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    Hops Quantities

    Yes you would have the spunding valve in liquid side. Don't ask how I know...... Good news is you only make that mistake once (I hope).
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    Let's see your fermentation chambers!

    Yeah 2 x fridges for 2 x 30l allrounders from KL. 1 x temp probe and 1 x heat belt power cable in each fridge just with door seal. No cuts no holes etc. Never and issue. 2 years.
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    Haha. I was thinking the same thing!
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    Equipment For Sale Retirement Sale

    Bugger. No worries. Too many great books there that are on my list of wants! Let me know if you change your mind Ross. Thanks for your time.
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    Equipment For Sale Retirement Sale

    American Sour Extreme Brewing Experimental Brewing Wild Ales Farmhouse Malt Yeast Water Hops Hops and Hop Picking Radical Brewing
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    Equipment For Sale Retirement Sale

    Hi Ross Interested in few books if you're open to posting
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Sounds great. I have an outstanding order That was waiting on the Wit yeast to arrive. So let me know the total etc for payment. Cheers Nathan
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    Damn Good Stout recipes

    My o My only food for thought is in regards to the bottling. For a beer with such a high ABV it may be worth looking into/researching adding yeast at bottling time. The yeast would no doubt have been worked hard chewing through so many fermentables and may have not been restarted at bottling...
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    perfect temp control with gas

    Ooops. Good advice. Not sure how I missed that! Cheers.
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    perfect temp control with gas

    Appreciate you sharing and would be very interested in seeing a write up with lessons learned/things you'd do differently etc. Also a massive thanks for your amazing willingness to answer everyone's questions and sharing your clearl great knowledge in this area.
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    Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway + Discount sales

    I would love a model with wifi to help temp control. Inkbird stuff is always reliable. I have the normal 308 currently doing double duties between my keezer and brew days.
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    Counter pressure can filler

    I must say, there certainly isn't much to distinguish KL's from the original is there !! I pretty much thought they must be buying them from a third party and rebranding (like regulators) when I first saw it. Basically identical!
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    Is it possible to grab the yeast from coopers cans???

    My favourite name I've heard for a Long Neck (Longy) is King Brown..... The day after...."I was stung by a couple of King Browns....."
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    50L keg uses

    I wonder how they cool the beer? Looks pretty awesome.
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    WLP800 yeast: What is the recommended temperature to make a starter for Bohemian lager?

    The yeast (lager even) can survive and thrive at much higher temperatures (i.e. for starters) the recommended temps are foe using the yeast in 'beer' to have the best 'taste'. I.e. no off flavours, unwanted esters etc. You can certainly have the starter at those lower temps if you want, it...
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    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    Sounds Amazing. Have a 308 (of course!) And ST1000s! Would love this to monitor temps/etc. Love the upgrades