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  1. Steve@PMF82

    Hops For Sale

    Many PM received. Payment pending hops are gone. Cheers
  2. Steve@PMF82

    Hops For Sale

    More pellet hops that need to go to a good home where they might get used. Selling as ONE lot, $20 and they are all yours, including postage. Always stored in freezer and vac sealed. Weights are in the plastic bags, so actual hops will be a few gram less. First PM in wins. 2009 Cents 9% =...
  3. Steve@PMF82

    How Often Do You Replace Your Bag

    No, i still have my original pieces of voile used for grain, hops in the boil / fermenter ect. You do not need much bleach to get things white again. I only use the no rinse sanitiser strength of 1.6ml bleach / L water with 1.6ml of vinegar added after mixing. After a hot nappy san wash and...
  4. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    BB 29/05/08 The things you find in peoples fridges.... Aroma = metallic / rusted mouse piss / cage Taste= Yes i did actually taste this ! :icon_vomit: Metallic , soapy and thin. It kinda has this engine degreaser smell in the taste but on a lower level. :icon_vomit: Top marks for clarity
  5. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    I had a Puffing Billy the other day from a reputable bottle shop and while i thought it was quite tame, at the same time i found it to be clean in regards to any fermentation flaws, the malt character was enjoyable, enough bitterness to balance it. The smoke was only like a whiff on the...
  6. Steve@PMF82

    Sanitisation And Kegging

    The first few times i filtered soaking the filter in starsan beforehand i got the haze mentioned. I soak in starsan, flick as much of the excess out as possible, fill the housing with cooled boiled water ( a kettle full, boiled 5 or so times over 2days) Put filter in and push that out wih CO2...
  7. Steve@PMF82

    RecipeDB - Dark Mild

    Link seems broken?
  8. Steve@PMF82

    Building A Cpbf Without O2 Purge.

    I use the " poor mans" bottle filler method all the time. Works very well! Piece of tubing in the end of a picnic tap, to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber stopper at the top - to all the nay sayers yes it does work. Have you tried it? I give the bottle a good flush CO2 (20secs) prior to...
  9. Steve@PMF82

    RecipeDB - Foxxy Cleopatra Amber Ale

    Considering its all extract apart from 200g of Carafa efficiency is irrelevant anyway.
  10. Steve@PMF82

    R.i.p My Two Brewing Assistants

    Condolences, I know the feeling, they really are mans best mate...It guts you :chug:
  11. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass

    My house APA. Centennial, Amarillo Fresh, (pitched 3 weeks ago) hoppy, clean and crisp. Firm bitterness with just enough malt to hold it together. Stinking hot, it does not get much more refreshing than this.
  12. Steve@PMF82

    Can You Half Fill Kegs?

    Could not agree more, unless you want the flavour of your beer to go downhill very quickly.
  13. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Had this in the fridge for the last 14 months or so...last luggage beer. All I can say is, its absolute bliss.
  14. Steve@PMF82

    Dry Hopping

    Try dry hopping at the start of fermentation with larger amounts. 5 to 7g hops / L. Leaves you with longer lasting aroma with no or very little gassiness. Ive done it with Centennial, Chinook, Falconers flight blend, simcoe, amarillo, styrian goldings, EKG. Some would think it a waste, but if...
  15. Steve@PMF82

    Re-hydrating Yeast Temperature Question

    I rehydrate according to the manufacturers instructions. The procedure / temps can vary for different yeasts / brands so i encourage anyone to look up the particular yeast you have. When my yeast is fully rehydrated i like to adjust the temp of the slurry over 10mins with 3 additions of wort...
  16. Steve@PMF82

    Yeast Sludge

    While there are much nicer liquid yeasts out there, I have never had a problem with US05. However, that is pitching 1 gram of dry yeast / L of wort, 1.5g for anything over 1060. Which from my own reading is common practice for the many many commercial breweries that use it without fail. Hits...
  17. Steve@PMF82

    Low Alcohol Tolerant Yeasts

    Going on from what labels said, have you tried using some LDME? The best bottled ciders (for my tastes) have been the ones i have used LDME and a tin a pear juice. Fermented with Wyeast cider they have finished 1006 - 1008 which is still dry, but not 1000 or less dry. Tin of pear juice and...
  18. Steve@PMF82

    Saison Pitch Rates

    I have been thinking about this as well, I want to do the exact same thing for my next Saison. I am thinking of pitching my usual amount of starter slurry(always somewhere around what MR malty says) to start off at as close to 30 as i can get it...? might have to set the no chill jerry in the...
  19. Steve@PMF82

    Ahb Wiki: The No-chiller Method / Using A Cube

    Have a look through the many many threads where this has been discussed. Basically find out what works for you and your system and adjust your recipes as needed.;x=0&y=0
  20. Steve@PMF82

    Floral Decay?

    Just Agreeing with Bizier comments and adding my own. I drink slow, not much at all. I found the same things you describe with kegged beer. Kegs are great if you drink quick, you can sanitize, quick purge of CO2, fill it with not much care and as long as its drunk in 2 - 3 weeks its all good...