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    Fridge penetration

    I used 50mm PVC duct with clip on lid. Back wall of fridge will be fine just don't use longer than 25mm screws all good
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    Coopers Australian Pale Ale Kit

    Well done Pineys like the way you have gone about this. Scientific approach start with the base and build from that that gives you the experience of your own makings with that your on your way. Extra malt instead of enhancer give you more body straight up and the hop tea the bittering profile of...
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    Coopers XPA

    Drinking this ATM. Awsome clone of the real thing knocked it outta the park. Definitely be a staple in the shed.
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    Rum and Raisin "Barrel Aged" Imperial Stout

    No razz first blue also added some concentrate flavour not treated also. Biggest piss off was 6 month ageing then end up with brown vinegar.
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    Rum and Raisin "Barrel Aged" Imperial Stout

    Ok final result is in . DISASTER totally oxidized on pouring had a fizzing head that dissipated in like 10 secs . Tasted the rum and oak in it . Over oaked and just wrong pretty sad really tipped it into the mulch pile. Think the staves may have introduced some infection. Lesson learned .
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    Coopers XPA

    Done and in the kettle had too make change to grain bill as no dark crystal. Went with this. 4.7 kg Coopers schooner 200g wheat. 200g caraaroma. 200g medium crystal. XPA yeast from 4 stubbies stepped up to 1lt starter. Looking foward to the finished product.
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    Coopers XPA

    Cheers Ben. Looks good mate will be cracking in to the brewroom bigtime come Thursday doing a 2week on 2 week off roster. Going to give the coopers schooner malt a go (25kg) in stock and go with yor mash temp and hop schedule. Thanks for posting.
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    Coopers XPA

    Thanks for that Luxo . Sounds pretty good fair whack of dry hop did it take some time to settle ie not grassy.
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    RecipeDB - DrSmurto's Landlord

    Hoppy interested in how this turned out as im looking to make an ESB
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    RecipeDB - DrSmurto's Landlord

    Yeah even though i force carb i find it takes 4or 5 days to smooth out.
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    Coopers XPA

    Just saving some yeast from a 6 pack of Coopers XPA. Lemon drop and simcoe hops in stock also have coopers schooner malt. May add a dash of wheat of carapils for a bit of mouthfeel. Anyone made somthing close?
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    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    My first go at using Rye went for a pale ale. 4,5 kg golden promise 300g bestmaltz rye 300g carapils 150g caraaroma 30g mt hood @40 20g hallertau mitt @20 and 0 min US 05
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    RecipeDB - DrSmurto's Landlord

    Latest version. 4 kg golden promise 600g caramunich ll 50L 150g caararoma 150g adiculated 40g fuggles@ 40 25g ekg@ 20 25g styrians@ 5 OG 1045 EBC 23 IBU 30 Yeast was WLP 005 couldnt get any yorkie. Cold condition 5th day atm will keg today force carb and taste. Many say is best enjoyed young...
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    RecipeDB - Pith Helmet IPA

    Brewed a few of T.L s brews from back in the day all where exceptional beers so i will be making this on my break starting on Thursday.
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    Ginger beer recipe

    That means added the yeast to the prepared ingredients in the fermenter.
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    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    Pitched on yeast cakes more than a few times, Never struck any problems use the method wisely when doing close to the same or a change up that requires a good kick start. Sanitation always a key but there's so much over thinking shit in brewing some of its a bit hard to swallow.
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    Cheap scales

    So i got a set of scales off evil bay you know the cheap arse plastic ones. Big mistake these things are useless out by as much as a kilo trying to measure a 4.5kg grain bill. So dont be tempted folks the old addage you get what you pay for certainly applies here.
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    How to you clean buildup from within bottles without bleaching labels?

    Always rinse bottles as soon as you empty them just hot water and bit of detergent. Better still go to kegging so much easier.
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    First BIAB attempt - not sure what to think

    I think we have all been there in our early days you tend to over think the whole process . Once you have done a few its a walk in the park and your reward will be some fresh 100% your own beer that is better than most store bought beers.