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  1. IainMcLean

    Selling EVERYTHING

    $1000 for the lot. Has to be out of the shed by tomorrow as the house a rental. Amazing deal. I'll even help you set it up on your first brewday if you're not too far away. Otherwise it's going in longterm storage to be forgotten.
  2. IainMcLean

    Selling EVERYTHING

    UPDATE: $2000 for the whole shebang. Any takers?
  3. IainMcLean

    Selling EVERYTHING

    Over the last 10 years or so I’ve built and improved my brewery, but for health reasons I’ve had to give up alcohol. So I’m selling it. Pickup in Caulfield North. here's a link to the photos: Everything priced for...
  4. Labels


  5. IainMcLean

    expressions of interest - I'm selling it all

    Thinking about selling my gear because I don't drink so much anymore and have young kids running round. Not got a figure in mind but if anyone is interested it it all at this stage make a reasonable offer. Grain mill motorised. 3 pot electric brewery & custom built stand. Counter flow chiller...
  6. IainMcLean

    2x 19Litre Ball Lock Kegs

    Ok... just saw that other thread. If they don't sell it's not the end of the world because they're bloody good kegs and I'll just have to store them somewhere.
  7. IainMcLean

    2x 19Litre Ball Lock Kegs

    Great condition. 1 is a Firestone, the other is a Cornelius. Both have been recently used and hold pressure well. Recently put new seal kits on them. I need the space in the shed for other stuff and I've got more kegs than I need so these two are up for grabs. Just gave them a quick wash down...
  8. IainMcLean

    copper immersion chiller / sparge arm / pickup tube

    Any takers. I have 4 tap handles, three tap label clips as well...
  9. IainMcLean

    counter pressure bottle filler

    It's not in it's box but it's as new - never been used. I did mount it on my keg fridge but never connected it up. All the parts are still as good as the day I bought it. I laminated the instructions - so you'll have them too. $50 and it's yours. Will mail out nationwide if buyer covers...