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  1. eamonnfoley

    Making a malt pipe out of a 55L keg

    The 50L keg is a heavy vessel to be pulling in out of the 70L pot, taking away for cleaning etc. 2 vessel K-RIMS is the optimal use of the 2 vessels. 50L keg as mash tun, 70L boiler/HLT. Only need one pump if the MT is placed higher than boiler/HLT.
  2. eamonnfoley

    Sparge water treatment

    Yep, done all this stuff and happy with results. My initial query was around the impact of acid / sodium on beer taste when having to add say 4% acid malt to pale beers. Theory and wisdom says that much acid should not be perceptible. But it seems to be for me.
  3. eamonnfoley

    Sparge water treatment

    I want to try the lime for the alkalinity, not the sodium. I would like to try treating my water with lime before I go back to the hassle of producing RO water (which I've done in the past). Find the RO filters too slow. Maybe the flavours of lactate and sodium just don't sit well together...
  4. eamonnfoley

    Sparge water treatment

    Yep sodium is up around a max of 135. This could be more of a factor with the pale beers. Not sure if sodium reacts with lactate ? Was thinking about trying lime treatment and gypsum supplementation for the calcium lost.
  5. eamonnfoley

    Sparge water treatment

    Just on the lactate threshold..... I have water that has about 150ppm of CaCO3 and low Calcium (~30), high chloride (~195), low sulfate (~25) I have had limited success with this water for paler beers, needing about 4% acid malt or 6ml of lactic in a full volume mash (no sparging) to get a...
  6. eamonnfoley

    Biggest influence on flavour

    In my experience, fermentation temperature, especially during yeast growth, has the greatest impact. Also IMO, US05 is very sensitive to temperature. Needs to be between about 19-21C to ferment without peach esters. Maybe thats where the "samey" flavours are coming from. Also make sure you...
  7. eamonnfoley

    Lion Quits Craft Beer Industry Association

    Chuck's statement: "it is short-sighted for the craft sector to be squabbling amongst ourselves. We should be working together to build craft in Australia – feeding off one another’s success as we always have done – rather than confusing beer drinkers into thinking ownership structure has any...
  8. eamonnfoley

    FS Perth (Bayswater): 30L fermenter $15

    30L plastic fermenter from Brewmart, with port, tap etc. Used about 5 times. Great condition $15. Upgraded to a SS Brewtech bucket, so not needed anymore.
  9. eamonnfoley

    FS (Perth): 50L Keggle with compression pickup and 3 piece ballvalve

    For Sale (Bayswater, WA): 50L Keggle. 3 piece stainless ballvalve. High temp o-ring and stainless bulkhead. Compression fitted pickup tube. Stainless hosetail. Good for boil kettle, could be easily used as mash tun also. $120 pickup only. Links to photos below...
  10. eamonnfoley

    FS: Rambo Burner (Perth) $50

    Gone electric, no need for this powerful rambo burner anymore. New regulator, but has a tiny hairline crack near female thread, which could be easily sealed. Photo on link below. In Bayswater WA, 0421237552
  11. eamonnfoley

    Sukumaran and Chan

    Can you imagine how much money the Government has spent on this ? That money could have saved many, many innocent lives here in Australia, especially those of disadvantaged children. Makes me sick to the stomach that drug traffickers are treated like national heroes. Yes, the death penalty is...
  12. eamonnfoley

    Brew boss

    See my prev post for pics. Kettle is 50L Robinox. Dia 400mm. Basket dia 350mm. Basket height made same as pot, cannot remember figure at the moment. Feet height 70mm. Keeps it above element, pickup etc without too much dead space (8.8L). I do full volume mash, and the L:G ratio is thicker in the...
  13. eamonnfoley

    Brew boss

    Here are some quick pictures of my system. Just wired up the new stainless element (from Nev -Online Brewing Supplies) after the Camco one rusted at the base. Just used a PVC end cap from Bunnings as the junction box - epoxy glued to the element. Had a 1" threaded port for the element welded in...
  14. eamonnfoley

    Brew boss

    I've just realised I've built one of these by accident. You can get those baskets custom made in the US and sent out (which I did about a year back, go to arborfab dot com). Except I just return the silicon hose onto the mash (works no problem - COFI is a just bling). My basket has no top on it...
  15. eamonnfoley

    Mash one day, boil the next?

    Find better, more acceptable ways to save time if you can IMO. BIAB, no chill, Braumeister, etc....
  16. eamonnfoley

    Forgot the Irish moss !

    Welcome to the Reinheitsgebot..................only weaklings use irish moss and gelatin!!!
  17. eamonnfoley

    Very low pH on a Porter - fixing?

    You are very likely not measuring the pH properly. Your beer would be undrinkably awful after a mash pH=4.4. It may not even ferment. Dark malts would not do that alone. Strips are not very accurate. Get a meter if your looking to play with pH. Your beer is probably turning out ok because the pH...