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  1. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Kegerator Keg King 4

    I had one intertap and 2 Perlick 545 FC. The 545 is the previous model and the intertap was the current model. The intertap was far better. It's just the norm, the newer models iron out the kinks of the prior one. If I'm paying for kinks, I'll pay less than I need to.
  2. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Where can I get the freshest Chinese hops?

    I live in China and I don't know that answer.
  3. Lord Raja Goomba I

    6 O’CLOCK Brews - Home Brewing More Old Australian Beers

    Mum is the same. Indian grandma didn't hurt the cause, but yeah, she makes her own garam masala and then tweaks it from there.
  4. Lord Raja Goomba I

    With many 'foreign' beers now brewed in Australia, is it time for clearer labels?

    The only time I ever bought Fosters was from uncle Dan's, which was brewed in the mother land and cheaper than local VB. On a side point, I've seen Oettinger as a laget, Schwartz and Weiss in China. I'm trying to figure out how this stuff can sell for 80-90¢ a tin with the equivalent amount of...
  5. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Good to see you mate.
  6. Lord Raja Goomba I

    6 O’CLOCK Brews - Home Brewing More Old Australian Beers

    Bugger me, the beers you make @Bribie G - esp the older Aussie styles, they do look the goods. There is a skill in making beers that aren't overhopped or hiding behind other flavours and where their clarity is mainstream commercial esque
  7. Lord Raja Goomba I


    Where do you live? If in greater Brisbane, craftbrewer. Good prices and good advice.
  8. Lord Raja Goomba I


    I've had the KK reg and 2x micromatic regs plus an inline one (because I sold a keg system when we moved interstate and bought again, not 2x because it broke). The KK shat itself and I lost a gas bottle. Micromatic - buy once, cry once. The current model uses a small hex key for adjusting...
  9. Lord Raja Goomba I


    There's a thread regarding keg king here, rather than reiterate the issues, I'll see if I can find it. Edit: found it
  10. Lord Raja Goomba I


    For the sake of disclosure @KegLand-com-au could you please let the forum know who you are, especially as you appear to be a retailer that has suddenly popped up on the thread decrying another retailer's potential demise.
  11. Lord Raja Goomba I


    Another option could be to grab an eBay jobbie, then buy a good quality pcb and refit. Some taps from craftbrewer to refit. Use your window of opportunity with SWMBO.
  12. Lord Raja Goomba I

    KegKing now at

    Work that pelvic floor, Doris. It's a marvel.
  13. Lord Raja Goomba I

    KegKing now at

    You keep your ball sack. If I walk outside my front door and take a photo of a non windy day, you'll see the air quality is still crap. The other thing to ask, if so much stuff bought in Oz is Chinese made, why haven't the supply problems hit other products? I can go for a trip on the train...
  14. Lord Raja Goomba I

    KegKing now at

    As for the rumour of "manufacturing has been shut down in China for air quality reasons", that was temporary for the pow wow the CCP had almost 2 months ago. I can vouch for the fact that everything is back roaring. Taobao is full of stocked vendors and just had the double 12 sale. I call...
  15. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Hot wort in plastic fermenter ok?

    I've done it more times than I can count. I'm not dead and no side effects from botulism either.
  16. Lord Raja Goomba I

    2017 SEQ Christmas Case Swap - Tasting thread

    I'm enjoying reading this, reviews, banter and creativity from a far off land. Great to see the creative beers, you don't get that scoffing commercial beers, and even commercial craft lacks that individuality. Carry on.
  17. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Making pilsners with ale malt

    I made a Saison and used 80/20 base malt split with Ale malt and rice. Worked a treat for getting a lighter colour and taste body in the pilsner malt spectrum.
  18. Lord Raja Goomba I

    Visit to Stone & Wood Brewery

    It's the conversion unit for XXXX, after all they are former Lion Nathan brewers.
  19. Lord Raja Goomba I

    BIAB Saison

    And it'll give an awesome clean base to do experiments later.
  20. Lord Raja Goomba I

    BIAB Saison

    If you're getting the banana, it'll be yeast-derived, not the wheat. Like you said, German Wheat has the classic banana taste and that's derived from the yeast. Not sure why their Saison has that, you'd need to ask the brewer, but don't drop wheat for the sake of banana, because you're...