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  1. enuun

    Again Free Shipping Costs at BelgianSHop

    Now how I wished I bought something with the crates too...
  2. enuun

    Again Free Shipping Costs at BelgianSHop

    Bruno has not replied for the past week. I wonder if he was kidapped...
  3. enuun

    Brew Apps

    Not sure if it is available fo Android but ibrewmaster is the one i use.
  4. enuun

    Using Out Of Date Extract

    i normally buy old cans from my LHBS whenever they have a clearance and I use them either heavily hopped or as a toucan. Its fine. But you will not be impressed
  5. enuun

    Again Free Shipping Costs at BelgianSHop

    I jus got the 6pack assorted Westvleteren
  6. enuun

    First Brew - Wheat - How Long To Condition?

    wheat is best at young. jus have a taste every couple of days and once you reach happiness... whack!
  7. enuun

    New Kit: Coopers European Lager

    and ventilate your brew area u gonna have rotten eggs perfume coming at you pretty soon jus give it time to clear. its normal btw
  8. enuun

    If Money Was No Object Would You Start A Micro Brewery?

    Nope. I never wan to hate brewing like I sometimes hate my job. but if i were to make it big, I would buy myself a microbrewery and make the brewmaster brew me whatever I want!
  9. enuun

    Australia Day 2012. What's In Your Glass?

    Homebrewed Dragon's Lair German Pilsner Next one will be an Oaked Arrogant ******* from Stone
  10. enuun

    Holgate Brewery, Flat Beer,poor Barstaff,slap Time

    well the only way the threadstarter can get over it is to continuously drink VB or something similar that way, it is consistently bad so he ain't got nothing to swear about no more. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. enuun

    Bourbon And Coke Flavoured Alco Pop

    definitely water
  12. enuun

    Bourbon And Coke Flavoured Alco Pop

    well i guess since no one is taking the plunge here I go. Kilo or 2 of dex or cane sugar a wine yeast or *shudders* turbo yeast some lemon juice (so that it smells less nasty) ferment at a 18 to 20 degrees for about 7 days chuck it into the fridge to slow down fermentation and let the yeast...
  13. enuun

    Which Yeast?

    Nothing wrong there. U made a good call on using DME instead of dex and other sugars. I have always liked US-05 and Nottingham. They are good for most Ale styles.
  14. enuun

    Halting The Bottle Fermentation

    jus a thought though and I could be terribly wrong. I use campden tabs for my fruit wines to stop the yeast. I have never thought abt it for beers
  15. enuun

    Combining Flavors

    and to answer your question, no u wont get a black and tan if you do a toucan with a real ale and a stout kit U will just get a stronger stout.
  16. enuun

    Where's Bribieg

  17. enuun

    Tonic Water

    Aquavit and T is the way to go! with a curly ginger strip
  18. enuun

    What Does Your Wort Smell Like

    Rotten eggs... Lager fermentation
  19. enuun

    Clean Fermenter, What To Make Next?

    here are some ideas =)