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  1. Maxt

    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Hi all is there anything I should look out for when buying a second hand braumeister?
  2. Maxt

    Best automated system

    Thanks all
  3. Maxt

    Best automated system

    Thanks all. My tried and true old system is a 60L mash tun (esky style) and 50L boiler with 2x2400w immersion elements. To be honest it's all due for an update and not blingy (or big) enough for a tech upgrade.
  4. Maxt

    Best automated system

    Hi all, long time member(joined in '06) but have not posted on here in years. Have been AG brewing for over 15 years, but now looking to get into a cooperative with some mates and rather than teaching and using my clunky 3 vessel system, would like a more unified approach. I have all sorts of...
  5. Maxt

    March pump parts

    Cheers guys.
  6. Maxt

    March pump parts

    Need a new plastic housing for my 809 march pump (they don't like being dropped). I can't find a retailer in Oz (or one who will respond to emails). Anyone know of one here? Postage from US is a bot steep.
  7. Maxt

    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy June 2016

    Out sorry Alfadog X3 - 1 BB Ale, 1 BB wheat, 1 Bairds GP Daninjt X3 - TBA Cosdog X1 BB Ale Nickxb X1 BB Ale Smokomark x 4 - 2 BB ale, 1 Bairds MO, 1 Bairds GP Coldspace x 3 bags, 1 BB pilsener, 1 Bairds GP, 1 weyerman Munich Smoko/Coldspace X2 1 wheat, 1 rye kz412 x2 BB Ale Cosy X2 BB Ale...
  8. Maxt

    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy June 2016

    I am keen. Sth side pickup. 1-2 TBA
  9. Maxt

    No Topic Thread

    Anyone else see the irony that the thread called "an open discussion on moderation", ended up being closed :)
  10. Maxt

    Galaxy Hops

    I really enjoy Nelson sav with galaxy, it tones down the harshness galaxy can sometimes bring.
  11. Maxt

    Bulk priming amount?

    The other trick is to keep notes on the carbonation and adjust what the calculator says on the next brew accordingly.
  12. Maxt

    WY1469 (West Yorkshire Ale): Massive krausen?

    OH my gawd.... Just brewing a TTL clone using the west Yorky. The beer had a sedate head 2 days ago. Today I am cleaning yeast off the side of the fermentor that is unlike anything I have ever seen ( and as a hefe brewer I have had my share of blow offs). I collected a solid chunk of yeast...
  13. Maxt

    Aussie Brewer of the Year?

    There was a bit of whining about ACT brewer 'Stagger', winning Champion brewer at the Nats a few times because of his 'carpet bombing' of the ACT comp. If you can get beers from 8-10 styles to win at (what was then), one of the toughest regional comp around, then full credit. To then have those...
  14. Maxt

    Aussie Brewer of the Year?

    If you are good enough to have a stack Of your beers make it to nationals,then you deserve to be champ. I challenge anyone who disagrees to try and get 10 or 12 beers into the national's
  15. Maxt

    Anyone doing Dry July this year?

    Well done al dry-ers
  16. Maxt

    Re-Hydrate v Not.. know it makes sense! :)
  17. Maxt

    Rain water ( good or bad)?

    True Greg, if energy and expense is an issue...I spend far more on my beers than if I would, If I could only stomach drinking a slab of VB. The other downside for a kit brewer with boiling is that you have removed some of the oxygen in the water, so it is important to aerate when adding your cold.
  18. Maxt

    Rain water ( good or bad)?

    I tend to let salts combine in tun as mash water is heating up in tun, this seems to work. Thanks for the info DS.
  19. Maxt

    Rain water ( good or bad)?

    I ALWAYS boil water. Tap water to drive off chlorine, tank water to kill any possible larvae and other nasties, (because I don't regularly drink my tank water, just used for gardening). But yes, if you regularly drink it and have no ill effects it should be fine. Bigger question, other than...
  20. Maxt

    Adjusting your hop schedule for Nottingham?

    Sorry jyo, I didn't read your post carefully to see you did try this. but it Would still be a useful experiment. Same batch, fermented at exactly same temp using different yeast ...and most importantly, judged by in a blind test by a number of people who are skilled at judging (or at the least...