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  1. i-a-n

    That'll teach me to complain

    I’d lost self-confidence because of put-downs and criticism so I made an appointment with my psychiatrist. He told me not to worry about low self-esteem, saying it’s very common amongst total losers. When I was a child I had many imaginary friends. They were real people... I just imagined they...
  2. i-a-n

    Why do ALL of my can kits taste bad?

    No need to boil a kit can, just sit it in hot water for a few minutes to make pouring it out easier. I put mine into the tub of sterilising solution along with all the other kit I'll be using, can opener, stirring spoon, syphon etc etc. I make more solution than necessary as I use some of it for...
  3. i-a-n

    Keezer assembly

    Cheers guys, Parts mostly from Kegland.
  4. i-a-n

    Keezer assembly

    I call it an assembly because there was minimal building. The only real "difficult" part was as a first time epoxy user, getting a halfway decent finish. It's a F&P freezer, with enough room for 3 kegs, although I've fitted it for 2. Sorry, no pics taken along the way, just the final thing...
  5. i-a-n

    What's a good lager kit

    While in Woolies I'd recommend the blue tin, Tooheys, a snip at $10 and absolutely spot on. Better than in the pub imho. I do mine with dextrose.
  6. i-a-n

    mangrove jack brew pouch experience ?

    The Northern Bitter does what it says on the tin (? Pouch?). I made mine with a kg of dextrose and 10g of dextrose to prime a plastic keg I use. (after cold crash for a couple of days) Not huge on flavour, but nicely bitter, just like a pint in a Yorkshire pub. Yes, I did say 10g to prime, I...
  7. i-a-n

    Carbonation level of English (Cask) Ale?

    What a great thread this is turning out to be! Here's a tip, something I discovered by accident while leaving a cold Tooheys Old to warm up a bit, it works for Carlton Black. When a few degrees above serving temperature the flavour comes through, it's good old Brown Ale. (Not Newcastle) I love...
  8. i-a-n

    Carbonation level of English (Cask) Ale?

    The beer drinking culture in England is very different to here, you have to remember that English beers are for quaffing as opposed to out beers here which are mostly for sipping. Obviously you wouldn't want to down your first schooner of VB or whatever in one or two mouthfuls, the carbonation...
  9. i-a-n

    Mangrove Jack Northern Bitter

    As a long time kit brewer who is now too long in the tooth to got to anything more complex I recently did a Mangrove Jack pouch of Northern Bitter, no embellishment and just as the instructions say. I have to say that it does what it says on the tin (pouch?). A decent English Bitter (the bloke...
  10. i-a-n

    There's an interesting new yeast I'd like to try

    I'm wondering if anyone has got any,........ I've been having trouble with gout, so I'm drinking way less beer and certainly avoiding a yeasty drop, but this new strain might be the answer to the pain of the gout. Sounds good eh?
  11. i-a-n

    Cheapest fastest brewing beer for a young guy

    That's just what we did as students. Fermented it out, transferred to something like a Bunnings 25 litre water carrier fitted with a tap and drank it flat. Maybe added a drop of cheap cider for fizz. Happy days.
  12. i-a-n

    Sunny Coast Brewers

    Check this out A great bunch, you'll be made most welcome and get to sample some awesome brews.
  13. i-a-n

    Islamic State

    "unfortunately " I know that area, I know the no go areas, I've sat on a jury. Asian is being used as a euphemism. And other Asians do not like it. Sorry. Can of worms, said too much, my apologies.
  14. i-a-n

    Islamic State

    They're all busy with their other hobbies.
  15. i-a-n

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I'm in health and work like a slave! I sure am doing something wrong!
  16. i-a-n

    No Topic Thread

    Don't beat yourself up about it, he's gone to a better place with a beer volcano and a stripper factory. He's been touched by the noodly appendage.
  17. i-a-n

    What are you listening to

    Alice Cooper - killer, unreleased demos
  18. i-a-n

    What are you listening to

    RIP Johnny. I'm revisiting the early 80's Adam and his Ants. Makes a change.
  19. i-a-n

    Storing fermented beer in cube.

    I've used these things from Bunnings quite successfully. Useful for racking or like this one, just drinking. They even hold a bit of pressure. If I don't want it cold I can serve it straight from the tap. (bearing in mind I'm not a fizzy beer lover)
  20. i-a-n


    Not that is interesting... Might investigate further. Started the kit yesterday. It'll ferment for a couple of weeks now before I have to rack it for the first of what sounds like several times. As for oaking, oak chips are supplied with the kit, and yes, you have to (buy) add a cup of...