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  1. TasChris

    No Irish, please

    There's only two things I hate in this world. People who judge others based on their culture. And the Dutch
  2. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    for you or your mates cousin?
  3. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    Its not just about C02 take up but how much it locks up and for how long. All C02 locked up in plant material will eventually be released as the material breaks down over time. ie the solid timber in you house will lock up carbon for potentially hundreds of years, paper for much much less...
  4. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    Clearly it was a clearfall coupe. These photos are very stark straight after regen burning, however have a look at the site 2 years, 5yrs, 20 years after harvest when the regen is 20 feet tall and growing like the clappers. There is a series of photos from a Styx Valley coupe that does capture...
  5. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    One can but try
  6. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    Do you really think that native forests are just logged for wood chip? All state controlled native forests in Tasmania, I can't speak for private land, (except for plantations that are grown for the express purpose of chip) are logged for higher value product. Chip logs are the by product of a...
  7. TasChris

    Fcuck you Tasmania

    I was debating whether to put my 2 cents worth in for some while but I thought I would. Firstly the article in the OP link is an incredibly poor piece of journalism, there appears to have been little to no research beyond a reprint of Bob Brown Foundation's latest media release. Secondly much...
  8. TasChris

    Farewell to Tassie

    Its with a heavy heart that I have to hand in my Tasmanian passport as I am moving to the mainland for work. I'm relocating to South Western Victoria so I should be well acclimatised to the weather. I am happy to see that Tas is finally getting more organised with brew clubs etc and brew comps...
  9. TasChris

    LNP win in Tasmania

    Man: Ah. I'd like to have an argument, please. Receptionist: Certainly sir. Have you been here before? Man: No, this is my first time. Receptionist: I see. Well, do you want to have the full argument, or were you thinking of taking a course? Man: Well, what would be the cost? Receptionist: Well...
  10. TasChris

    LNP win in Tasmania

    comments in red!! The tas timber industry thing - Let's be brutally honest. That industry has been an economic basket case for decades. Rubbish, the Tasmanian timber industry was generating turnover of in excess of $1.2 billion dollars until it was undermined by State and Federal Labor as pay...
  11. TasChris

    LNP win in Tasmania

    Hi jlm, sorry I am slow replying however I have been taking a break from brewing and AHB due to work and family pressures. I will declare my affiliations... I am a forester in NW Tas and I am responsible for harvesting in this part of the state. I voted Liberal with preferences to PUP then...
  12. TasChris

    No Topic Thread

    Standing on a slippery slope!!
  13. TasChris

    Oysters - recipes please

    Oyster shooters!! oyster vodka ginger dash of wasabi all sorts of combinations oyster and bloody mary oyster lemon and vodka sake and oysters etc etc
  14. TasChris

    How's your Christmas beer drinking and eating weather?

    Christmas Day 12-20 deg. 80% chance of rain 1-5mm. Great day for a cook up and beers Ironically I have just finished fire duty today and I have the fire going in the house as only 15 deg. Got to love the diversity in Australia Cheers Chris
  15. TasChris

    Christmas food - Roast dead animal or...?

    Plenty of wallabies hopping around my lawn at the moment..bloody stinkies I will be having the full roast (pork) with all the roast trimmings. Helps that the temp will only be around 20 deg. Happy Xmas Tas Chris
  16. TasChris

    No Topic Thread

    I raise cattle, sheep, pigs chooks at various times, all have names and all end up in the pot. I think it is important for kids to understand where their dinner comes from. All of the animals get killed and butchered on site and I don't hide that from the kids even though they are young (3.5...
  17. TasChris

    Welcome New Moderators 2013

    I hope LRG is representing Queensland as a moderator as he needs to live in Tas for another 14 years to be a local. (except in Stanley where you need to live for 2 generations minimum). I have been in Tas for nearly 13 years and I have just lost my "that new bloke" tag Cheers Chris
  18. TasChris

    Joining the modern day moving to Brewsmith 2

    I have decided it is time to change from Promash to Brewsmith. Promash hasn't had an update for near on 10 years and is missing a lot of grains, hops, yeast etc and I can't be bothered adding them in. So its time to change across. Entering the inventory is a painful process however what I am not...
  19. TasChris


    Hmm they are complaining about phone taps in 2009...When Labor was in power. Australia should not be explaining our intelligence collection to any one especially Indonesia
  20. TasChris

    First World Problems Thread

    Did he type the above post for you? Cheers Chris