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  1. dblunn

    Craft Beer Pi on RPI 3B+ - Ditch the SD card for SSD?

    I can't see why not. If the OS etc can run then the Python scripts should also run, it's all just run from whatever the file system is mounted from.
  2. dblunn

    Kegging and Odd Flavours

    Ah, I thought there was a 4 in there somewhere, what's an order of magnitude among friends. Thanks for clearing that up and the advice on usage rates. I have been using a pinch of powdered Pot Met for de-chlorinating (sp) my brewing liquor but I didn't know it would de-oxygenate (sp) water as...
  3. dblunn

    Kegging and Odd Flavours

    Hi Mark, a quick question about usage rates if I may. I have some powdered Potassium Metabisulfite and I'm guessing that a Campden tablet weighs about 4g, does that sound about right to you? Regards, Dave
  4. dblunn

    Water Test Kits

    Hi Bruce, I pested the council and finally got a custom report, this is what the main concentrations are for northern Shoalhaven (Bamerang reservoir). Ca: 22, Mg: 3, Na: 10, HCO3: 55.8, CO3: 0.2, Cl:17, SO4: 19, pH: 7.8 These numbers are a bit dated now and probably should be updated but they...
  5. dblunn

    MashMaster / Millmaster Mill

    I think I used 1/4" UNC
  6. dblunn

    Sodastream adaptor

    I use a mini regulator that takes both bulbs and regular CO2 bottles, into this I have a soda stream to standard regulator adaptor which screws onto a soda stream bottle. All parts can be sourced from Kegland.
  7. dblunn

    Cortez's Brew Stand

    Hi mate, you have plenty of time but if you're the impatient type I can email you a link.
  8. dblunn

    Pressurised Dry Irish Stout

    I don't much about pressure fermenting but set a low amount of carbonation as you suggested using whatever means that is convenient for you. Then apply N2 to give a good flow rate from your nitro tap. The beer does not absorb much N2 it mainly just pushes it out to simulate a beer engine with...
  9. dblunn

    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    Flow control taps add to the foaminess, try plain taps instead as the line balancing (line length) should set a good flow rate. Also if you want to run shorter lines then use 4mm ID line rather than 5mm.
  10. dblunn

    Coca Cola/Rheem kegs

    Another place to try is STPV in Melbourne. I have bought posts and seals from them in the past.
  11. dblunn

    robobrew reliablility in 2019??

    The Robobrew is pretty reliable these days and just about all the components except for the main body/heating elements are available as spare parts at reasonable cost, although I don't know what the postage to Japan is like.
  12. dblunn

    3500w element question

    The clamps make a good electrical contact.
  13. dblunn

    Growlers - best places to buy them

    Hi, what does the laser etching look like? Regards, Dave
  14. dblunn

    Robobrew - any point in whirlpooling

    Hi, I get better than that. I usually get around 82% mash efficiency and about 76% Brewhouse efficiency.
  15. dblunn

    Voyager brand 'craft' malt

    IBU= Illawarra Brewers Union. A loose association of brewers on the NSW Sth Coast.
  16. dblunn

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Yes, but you need the sodastream adapter. Out of the box it works with bulbs and std CO2 bottles.
  17. dblunn

    Element question.

    Why don't use an over-the-side element, much like what you are using for mashing but with a fixed wattage. There are some 1500W portable hot water elements on eBay (the 2.4kW ones would bee too much power).
  18. dblunn

    Portable Regulator

    Yep, I have one of those, I use a soda stream bottle. They work well for portable setups. If it is like mine then as it is setup in the photo it will take a small bulb. If you remove the silver ring fitting it will allow it to screw onto a standard bottle or onto a soda stream adaptor.
  19. dblunn

    GrandFather - big beer help please

    You would end up with a large pre-boil volume, perhaps you could get the 'second runnings' going with a good boil off (a weaker wort so would not caramelize as much) and then top up with the first runnings as the water level goes down. I'm making this up as I go, so anyone with experience with...
  20. dblunn

    Fermentation high heat

    Smell it, if it smells ok then all is well. If it smells bad, nothing can save it.