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  1. Salt

    Sour beer not souring!

    I would have to disagree - disagreeing based on my experience with this exact product, based on others I know who use it and also MTF members who have used it with great success...this is a pure culture and 100% Lacto Plantarum...20 Billion count per capsule. Why would you not trust it? You...
  2. Salt

    Sour beer not souring!

    Hey Checkers... I have used this source of Lacto to inoculate my kettle sours with good success. While by no means am I a pro in Kettle Souring, with three batches under my belt. All three have come out really good with no detectable faults or off flavours. So take my steps as some info, and...
  3. Salt


    Hey Batz. TL:DR; Have used Ethical Nutrient IBS L.Plantarum caps successfully twice for kettle souring Berliner. Lovely Lactic bite and drops pH well. So worth trying again. I have just made my 3rd Berliner Weisse using the Kettle Souring method to great success. My first batch was inoculated...
  4. Salt

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Really good! As can be expected, its a bloody big beer. The alcohol is hidden well. Dont get me wrong it is there, but the hops and sweetness hide it well. Super Hoppy...think an Epic Hop Zombie on 'roids. Supped this over about an hour... 5.5 std drinks, I was pretty warm after finishing it!
  5. Salt

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Haven't posted on this site for a very lone time, but had to share this one. About to crack into this bad boy after dinner... The story of the Four Horsemen is a collab between four of NZs top craft brewers... Luke from Epic, Steve from Hallertau, Joe from Liberty and Kelly from Fork Brewer...
  6. Salt

    Thermowell Questions....

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but why put the STC probe into a thermowell? Could you not just have the probe itself in the water, given the correct fittings, you could screw your brass plug into a nipple/coupling connection and do away with the thermowell...??
  7. Salt

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Haven't done any labels for a while, with most of my recent brews going un-labelled... Knocked up the first of these last night in PS and then updated details for another two brews I have on the go right now. Pretty happy with the simple style and similar approach to all three as if they were...
  8. Salt

    Timer To Get Hlt To Temp As You Get Out Of Bed

    Digging up an old thread here.. I am in the process of finishing up my HLT and would like to run it from an STC on a timer. Will the STC hold a set temp target if it is switched off? Presumably the timer will go in-line before the power to the HLT to turn it on. So if I set my STC to 72deg and...
  9. Salt

    Prison/Improvised Grog?

    We are way more advanced over here in Aotearoa! Orange Juice and Hand Sanitizer is the way to go! The alcohol based hand sanitizer that evaporates as it sanitizers your hands... There has even been big problems in the hospitals with people stealing the hand sanitizer to mix with their Juice...
  10. Salt

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Havent posted in here for a while, so adding my last two brews plus the brew I have planned on Sunday. Sauvin Summer Ale 2.0 - 4.8% 77% Maris Otter 23% Wheat 0.8g/L N.Sauvin FWH 45min 1.2g/L N.Sauvin 10min 2.0g/L N.Sauvin - Aroma Steep 15mins 4.0g/L N.Sauvin Whole Cone Dry Hop Mangrove Jacks...
  11. Salt

    Split Batches...Ideas

    Really like this idea...I could brew a saison as standard, or a belgian IPA and then add dregs to the 5Lt batch...wonder how long I would need to leave it in the carboy? Cheers for the you mentioned, many, many ideas really!
  12. Salt

    Split Batches...Ideas

    Hello fellow brewers... I have a dilemma, along with a possible solution, and would like some suggestions please. The dilemma is that I dont brew nearly enough and that I have a list of Beers that are screaming at me to brew, but I just cant justify brewing them, when I need my standard APAs...
  13. Salt

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Just got back from a good mate's wedding that I was privileged enough to be part of the grooms party! Plenty of Homebrew before and after, but we celebrated with a bottle each (four of us) of Westvleteren 12 before the ceremony when we were getting ready! I dont have a pick, but will see if I...
  14. Salt

    Comment by 'Salt' in media 'Red Rye saison 1st Hydrometer reading @ day 12'

    would love to see a recipe for this!
  15. Salt

    Australian IPA

    Wiki needs some updating...Rakau and Sticklebract are both NZ hops...and where is Galaxy on that list?
  16. Salt

    Apple cider from fresh apple

    Me and few mates will be looking at making Cider from Apples next year in harvest - my mate manages a number of orchards, so sourcing fruit wont be an issue. We plan to make a proper hydraulic press (plenty of plans on the interweb). My question to those that have gone before me, once we have...
  17. Salt

    STC replacement probe - Waterproof

    Some great threads there and many I have had a look over...whilst they dont really answer my actual question regarding a replacement probe - they have given me some ideas to go forth with. But by the sounds of it - the stock probe seems to be fine submerged in water for lengthy periods. Cheers
  18. Salt

    STC replacement probe - Waterproof

    Hey all, I have done some looking around, but cant find an easy solution. I would like to hook my HLT up to my STC-1000, but would like to have the probe submerged in the Water. I am not 100% convinced that the stock probe is water-proof and would like to replace it with one that is. Do any of...
  19. Salt

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    I brewed an APA on Saturday OG of 1.047....pitched a rehydrated pack of m44 into it (first time using this yeast). It was a little slow to kick off about 36hrs I would think. Checked gravity today and its only down to 1.029...which seems slow (18 points in 5 days). Still has a way to go...big...
  20. Salt

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    No pics...but here was my list from Beervana a couple of weekends ago. First time at the event...had a great time sampling new beers and tasting excellent food Panhead Supercharger APA Panhead XPA Blackdog Unleashed Citra APA Epic Comet (newest in One Trick Pony range) Founders 2009 IPA Garage...