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  1. michael_aussie


    Thank you .. that was very clear and informative .... FYI .. Pronunciation of the word "Hysteresis".
  2. michael_aussie

    Bloody cheap STC3000

    I bought these about 8 years ago for around $30 each .... now less than $17 each delivered ...
  3. michael_aussie

    Calculating equivalent sugars

    I only ferment full worts now, so I'm not going to need the DME. It was so old it was solid. So I decided to use it, and take a punt with 500g of white sugar. Fingers crossed .. it smelt ok before pitching the yeast!!
  4. michael_aussie

    Calculating equivalent sugars

    thank you for the reply. What is Brewers Friend? .. and what the comparison between dark malt extract and dextrose?
  5. michael_aussie

    Calculating equivalent sugars

    How do I calculate equivalent sugars? The kit I'm intending to use calls for 1kg of dextrose. I'm planning to use some left over dark malt extract (900g). How much white sugar (yes I know that is sacrilege) should I add to make it equivalent to 1kg of dextrose. The kit I'm intending to make...
  6. michael_aussie

    Fridge fermentation

    A fridge is a great insulated box. If you've just started brewing, leave the fridge off, with the door closed. You'll find the wort while fermenting will usually be pretty close to the temperature you need. As the days heat up you can use the fridge and heat source to control your wort...
  7. michael_aussie

    yeasts ain't yeasts .....

    A workmate brews. He makes weird, funky beers including super high alcohol content ginger beers. IMO most taste like shit. His partner has some sort of doctorate in something to do with biology. She has told him the yeast is yeast, so he uses the yeast from bread packs in his beer. I told...
  8. michael_aussie

    Fresh Wort on a used yeast cake.

    I reuse the old yeast cake until I see signs of infection in the krausen line. I always get 2, usually 3 and occasionally 4 batches from the "first" batch with a good quality yeast (eg Safale US05). I don't divide the cage, or wash the cake. I just keep everything clean and tip the next...
  9. michael_aussie

    The best value fresh wort kits?

    I'm looking to buy some fresh wort kits ..... Until last year I had a few places where I could buy full fresh wort kits for $32-$35 per batch. These have all dried up. Now the kits all seem to be $45+ plus postage. = $49+ plus postage...
  10. michael_aussie

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    I have also listed on ebay the following items: 110 off 473ml Grolsch swing top bottles. in 4 large crates (not milk crates) == $20 reserve 110 off 740ml / 750ml Coopers and Brewcraft PET bottles === $20 reserve...
  11. michael_aussie

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    A shameless self plug. I changed from kit and kilo to full wort kits a few years ago ... and have a cupboard full of kits. They have always been stored in a clean, dry cupboard. I am selling in three lots: Darks = 12 off...
  12. michael_aussie

    Where Can I Get One Of These From?

    the top of the tap is hollow. he plugs somthing onto the top of the tap. cool trick though
  13. michael_aussie

    I Kegged My First Brew Today

    this is all I've even done ... If you do fill a "closed" keg using a disconnect.. do know when your keg is full? Do you rely on the graduations from the side of the fermenter to know how full your keg is? Also ... how do you vent the keg as you are filling?
  14. michael_aussie

    Which Party Keg Size To Go For?

    USA supplier
  15. michael_aussie

    Which Party Keg Size To Go For?

    some members have purchased brand new from Gernamy... from memory around $80 each EDIT == here's a pretty cheap offer!!
  16. michael_aussie

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    I don't get ebay? One bidder ... four bids all at $50 .. sold for $50. What does that all mean??
  17. michael_aussie

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    1 1/2 hours to go. 18 jugs. no bids.
  18. michael_aussie

    Infected Commercial Beer

    the rate of dodgy product will be more like 0.01% .. or even better.