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  1. ianh

    Open fermentation

    When I started brewing over 50 years ago in the UK. I used a plastic dustbin with lid for the primary fermentation (which to me is an open fermentation). Then transferred to a demijohn with airlock for secondary then bottle.
  2. ianh

    Heat pump water heater rebates for Victorians

    I have just had one of these installed Set it up to run on off peak tarrif and my solar. So far so good. Can't help with Vic pricing as I am in Tas. Cheers Ian
  3. ianh

    4 Litre boil for a 23 litre batch

    Agree with MHB comment "There are lots of factors that affect how hops/hop products behave in a boil." I did the Kit and Extract Spreadsheet and incorporated a Hop Concentration Factor to try and allow for small size boils. Suggest you have a look at the spreadsheet and hopefully it may help...
  4. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    All I can suggest is to Google "compare two excel files" and follow the Microsoft answer.
  5. ianh

    English Special Bitter

    Sounds way too much dextrose to me. I use 6.75 grams in 1500ml bottles for my bitters.
  6. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(R2),ISNUMBER(S2)),IF(ISNUMBER(AC2),(R2-S2)/7.45,(R2-S2)/7.45+0.4),"") in Cell T2 =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(R2),ISNUMBER(S2)),100*(R2-S2)/R2,"") in Cell U2 These Cells are copied down the Worksheet Only get values if using hydrometer ie inputs in Cols R and S Cheers Ian
  7. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    Hi. The mash temp and time are only manually set. The strike temp can be increased by increasing the value in the Factor for grain absorbtion cell.
  8. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    No you cannot just change the batch size saved in recipes. When you save recipe it just saves the value thats in the Ferment Volume cell.
  9. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    No the initial gravity will change.
  10. ianh

    Uses for Empty Grain Sacks

    I use mine for collecting green waste from around the garden and then when I have a load take then to the council green waste place.
  11. ianh

    Irish Red Ale

    Geez I only used 20 gram roasted Barley in my extract Irish Reds, along with some CaraRed and CaraAroma..
  12. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    Hi Tony The link in the first post in this thread is the current one. Cheers Ian
  13. ianh

    TassieTrucker Sayin' G'Day

    G'day good to see another member from Tassie.
  14. ianh

    Kit And Extract Beer Spreadsheet

    Given the IBU's of the can you should expect something like that. If you enter a ferment volume of 23 litres and the enter a recipe, you should be able to see the values change as you change the ferment volume.
  15. ianh

    The Benefits of Using DME?

    I am with Thomas Wood on this one. Only occasionally used LME when a full tin was required. But became an extract brewer (over 200 brews) and used DME almost exclusively. Use to buy 20kg bags and split into approx 1kg lots which was stored in ziploc bags. Dissolved DME in hot water separately...
  16. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    Hi opercularia. Had a chance to look at the recipe deletion problem.The recipes are grouped in sets of 10, it appears not to move recipe 11 to 10 correctly. To fix the problem you need to get access to the "deleterecipe" macro how to do this depends on the Excel version. You need to edit the...
  17. ianh

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    Hi opercularia I am not at home atm, should be back in a few days and will look at the problem. Hangover68 the spreadsheet cannot be used in openoffice as the macros will not run. cheers Ian
  18. ianh

    Tassie Kit Brewer

    Welcome to the forum Clevohead, good to see another Tasmanian on the forum. There are plenty of knowledgable people on here who I am sure will help you. cheers Ian
  19. ianh

    Help with STC 1000 controller wiring help

    It does not matter, both are correct. When the temp is low and heat is required the relay between 5 and 6 closes and completes the circuit. Similarly with 7 and 8 when cooling is required again the relay closes and completes the circuit.