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  1. Weizguy

    Just bought an 80 litre esky. What size batch can I make?

    Almost dried out since the last flood. I'll need to clean the copper tubing. Good to hear from ya.
  2. Weizguy

    Just bought an 80 litre esky. What size batch can I make?

    I moved up to a 150 litre kettle. Took ages to drill a hole for a tap/ valve. Exactly my thoughts regarding a bigger MT. Have not brewed for a while. Maybe this Summer...
  3. Weizguy

    Heavy peated distiiling malt (Bairds)

    Limited appeal, but lots of interaction will get you acclimated.
  4. Weizguy

    Yeast substitute for Wyeast Labs 1581-PC

    You could also blend with W1762 BELGIAN ABBEY STYLE ALE II ™ or T-58 Dry yeast to get a mild Belgian character.
  5. Weizguy

    been awhile but wanting to get back into it

    If money is a serious concern but you really still want a larger batch, you could look at the old hands-on methodology of a 3-piece brew kit. It will also provide real brewing experience, as opposed to arms-length automated brewing. You'll need an esky/cooler with a lauter manifold and fittings...
  6. Weizguy

    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Good outcome. The double door glass fridge appeals to me , for free.
  7. Weizguy

    Beersmith W.T.F.!!

    Beersmith V1.3 FTW. Very happy with the older version, since 2005. I'm sure you can find one online. More current versions got too complicated.
  8. Weizguy

    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Have you checked Gumtree? Probably needs to get the internal fan fixed to blow cold air from freezer to fridge. Merewether Glass door fridge at Kincumber (if you have a trailer and a mate to help)
  9. Weizguy

    Looking for ESB yeast

    There is a lot of grey, but I've also brewed with the equivalent strains of WLP007 (White Labs), W1098 (Wyeast) and S-04 (LeSaffre) and my experience is gold, not grey. I'm affirming that my results, with a number of styles, have been similar when using these 3 yeasts. You said: "W1098 is Wyeast...
  10. Weizguy

    Looking for ESB yeast

    Not sure what you're on, but S-04 is the equivalent to Wyeast W1098 British ale - Ferments dry and crisp . Where did you read that?
  11. Weizguy

    Gas Burner...Finally getting back into all-grain

    Found one. Here. $50-something buck, inc. stand or this one at Kegland
  12. Weizguy

    Yeast Farming

    I harvest/recover yeast from bottled homebrew. Also Coopers Vintage, Coopers Pale and various British ales.
  13. Weizguy

    2019 Hop Plantations

    you can buy fabric (root pruning) or plastic (black poly) grow bags in much larger sizes, fwiw. or search for them
  14. Weizguy

    BREWMAN News

    The 3538-PC Leuven Pale Ale yeast saw some early use in these forums in TDA's Fly-Blown Blonde ale WarrenWL63's Pale ales. Very suitable too, for a De Koninck pale ale clone, if that appeals
  15. Weizguy


    Ha ha, I know a Michael Burke in Newie. Nice enough bloke. Never did (much) wrong by me.
  16. Weizguy

    Super Alcoholic Ginger Beer? Also, What Kit/recipe To Use To Make Bund

    Maybe you should try Doc's (of Doctor's Orders Brewing) Ginger Beer?']Super Appeasement Ginger Beer. Post #29
  17. Weizguy

    BREWMAN News

    on the FAQ page, here. Hey Brewman, in what styles/ recipes is the Lemon drop good?
  18. Weizguy

    Hefe Weizen flavour

    S-23 can be a bit fruity, too. Have you tried Saflager W-34/70 in your recipe? I read that it's OK at warmer temps (ref - Jamil/ BN podcast)
  19. Weizguy

    Celli 3-Way Cobra Flooded Font

    Keep an eye on eBay. I bought a few whole taps for about $15 each. Just be aware that sellers do not always know what they are selling. Pushloc taps or adaptors are required for that font.
  20. Weizguy

    Large Mytton Grosvenor kegs

    Brewman (and no do, others) have the replacement parts for refurbishing these beaut, fwiw. I have new seals in a 9 litre and two 19ish litre kegs of this type.