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  1. Wimmig

    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Hey guys, many current users of the BM Plus around (even better if you've used both)? I'm on a first gen 20 and thinking of an equipment update, i do like the idea of the additional flush drainage though am unsure as to how effective the cooling jacket is VS my current BM IC. I've got a bunch of...
  2. Wimmig

    FS: Fermentor & Racking Cane

    Bump - anybody keen @ $15? Pickup today!
  3. Wimmig

    Whirlfloc smells fishy

    I'd chuck it and get some new tabs.
  4. Wimmig

    Broo buys Mildura Brewery

    God damn Broo sucks something proper.
  5. Wimmig

    FS: Fermentor & Racking Cane

    As it shows: 1 x fermentor (NOT ported) 1 x SS racking cane with sediment reducer And you get a good length of heavy duty silicone tube to go with it. I'd recommend a new fermentor seal for the sake of it ($3 - ESB / eBay). Pickup only Darlington 2008. $20 Never used for sours. I
  6. Wimmig

    Kegging Setups

    I didn't need to tap anything luckily. The gas manifold mounted up to the existing holes for the glass holder. I had to come it at a sharp angle to get the second screw in but it only took 10 seconds. For the screws I just used the screws from the glass holder just discarding the plastic washers...
  7. Wimmig

    Malt Mechanics 30L conical

    Yessssssss! I absolutely love this product and the price is pretty much spot on!
  8. Wimmig

    WTB old Braumeister 3/4" BSP Tap

    Pretty sure I've got mine in one of the boxes of you come up empty handed
  9. Wimmig

    Knurling on a Mashmaster Mini Mill

    Hmmm I've got one of these units with knurling, makes me edgy :/
  10. Wimmig

    Kegging Setups

    Cleaning up the new setup, just waiting on taps to come in. It's a modified KK series 4 for the kitchen which will be used as a ferment fridge in between batches. The new little one in my life will keep too busy to have brews on all the time. Many lines need trimming.
  11. Wimmig

    FS: BRAND NEW KK MK3 Regulator

    Call it $45 and it's yours, how's that sound?
  12. Wimmig

    FS: BRAND NEW KK MK3 Regulator

    Much gas you have, release it with this regulator!
  13. Wimmig

    FS: BRAND NEW KK MK3 Regulator

    Bringing it down to $50 to help find a new home! Commeeeee onnnnnn
  14. Wimmig

    FS: BRAND NEW KK MK3 Regulator

    As it reads, BRAND NEW keg King MK3 regulator. Excess to my needs, pickup from Darlington 2008. The MK2 is $59.99 on the KK website, I'll do this MK3 one for $55.
  15. Wimmig

    FS: BRAND NEW Intertap SS Taps X 2

    As it says, BRAND NEW stainless steel intertaps. Excess to my needs, new home needed! Pickup Darlington 2008. They're $44.99 each at KK suppliers and I'll do them both for $80.00 KK listing:
  16. Wimmig

    KK 19L Kegs or AEB

    Thanks all have gone with the KK ones after weighing up quality vs price. Only the walls look a little thin to me, will use a cover if it becomes a problem to get it some padding.
  17. Wimmig

    KK 19L Kegs or AEB

    I've looked around and seen plenty of information on the older nasty cheap kegs without rubber ends on them but little with the newer type. Perhaps i'm just missing the posts entirely or the thread is buried. Does anybody use the KK kegs with rubber ends and recommends them? Or is it worth...