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    Red X Malt

    I've also seen this and would love to know who in Australia sells it and hear/see feedback about it.
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    Whats The Best Bottlo In Melbourne For Craft Beer ?

    Another plus one for Slowbeer. Little store but all quality. Well priced too. Purvis beer & The Local Bottleshop are equal seconds.
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    Good Beer Week - Feedback For Future Events

    I agree, that was wanky and kind of annoying. That doesn't happen at other Ale Stars sessions. I think it was just a part of his 'script'.
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    Contract Brewing?

    Care to share how much they quoted you?
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    Good Beer Week - Feedback For Future Events

    1. What events did you go to? Brewdog Alestars, Mountain Goat/Moondog/Matilda Bay collab launch, Epic hop zombie launch, brewers and chewers, kiwi spectapular 2. Did you think it was well organised? Yes. Given the short amount of time and that the people organising it were not making any...
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    Good Beer Week - Feedback For Future Events Bit of info there. I had a nice long wrap of the events I've been to typed up but got interupted and it got closed by my work mate. A lot of people have been to Hair Of The Dog Breakfast this morning and I just drove past The Local...
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    Good Beer Week - Feedback For Future Events

    Make it during the uni winter holidays! But in all seriousness everything I've been to so far has been pretty good. Only complaint is that Epic Hop Zombie ran out way too fast at Cookie last night. I probably didn't need any more beer anyway though...
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    Anyone Fancy The New Moo Brew?

    Yes, I have tried it. It was OK. Somewhere in the process it had become oxidised. I can assure you I understand the process involved in brewing a barrel aged beer. Given they got the barrels for free I don't see how this beer is worth $25 dollars and I don't really want my beer to cost more...
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    Anyone Fancy The New Moo Brew?

    I don't know why they refuse to bottle a non-barrel aged version of their Imperial Stout. Oh that's right, because then they cannot put a crazy mark up on it. I know craft beer isn't cheap but $25 per 330ml bottle? Get fucked.
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    Your Favourite Aussie Ipa's

    That would be Holgate Roadtrip IPA:P Also Sierra Nevada Torpedo, along with all the other main stays will soon be available here legit. As in, the brewer actually knows they are being exported and imported.
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    Did Anyone Go To The Melb Beer And Brewer Expo

    Yeah, no expo this year but some interesting events lined up for good beer week. The only down side will be that some will be fricking packed as all hell.
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    Your Favourite Aussie Ipa's

    Depends on your definition of 'any decent bottle shop'. In order I'd say Feral Hop Hog, Bridge Road Galaxy IPA and Jamieson Beast IPA (although not as good as what it once was I'm finding) These aren't exactly easily available but they are a fair distance ahead of mass available IPAs such as...
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    Apparent Beer Doesn't Age Well?

    Well that was quick; "Freshly manufactured, authentic Pilsner-type beer samples (A−J), bottled in brown glass, were obtained from the German brewing industry. These samples were analyzed before (A0−J0) and after storage under forced aging conditions for 8 months at 28 C (A8−J8). In another set...
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    Apparent Beer Doesn't Age Well?

    Given one of the contributors is from Bitberger I'm guessing the tests were based on Bitberger? I'm assuming most people don't have Bitberger (or any German lager) sitting in their cellar? I'm going to see if my Uni journal database search lets me see the full article.
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    Wig And Pen Up For Sale

    Hopefully it's built into the sale contract that it's to be continued as an ongoing concern in it's current format for at least the next 99 years.
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    Founder/brewer From Scottish 'punk' Brewery, Brewdog, Coming T

    I personally prefer our weather and our beers... But in all seriousness these events take the work of some very dedicated beer people and the commitment of beer venues. It's not like Melbourne has an exclusive on the concept of a 'good beer week' in Australia. It'd be awesome for every city to...
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    Founder/brewer From Scottish 'punk' Brewery, Brewdog, Coming T

    Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse in Melbourne costs $40 regardless of the fact that there is an international guest brewer. It's the same week as the AIBA and I'm pretty certain James Watt was coming out anyway. Probably lands in Sydney on Sunday or Monday and will be spending Tuesday onwards in...
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    Microbrew Gusher

    Sulphur is primarilly a fermentation/yeast issue not a sanitation issue, especially with lager and hefeweizen yeasts. Depending on which Weihenstephaner beer you were talking about sulper notes could actually be allowed. So I'd hope he wasn't judging a German Pilsner I'd entered in a comp...
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    AHB Articles: 2010 Funky Beer Swap

    Kaboobys Old Ale with Brett. A - Pours a fairly clear reddish copper colour with a couple of centimetres that fall away rather quickly. S - Lots of dried dark fruit and vinous spicy notes. A fair amount of caramel/toffee malt character. Slight bretty funk becomes apparent as it warms. T -...
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    And Melbourne..

    While AG's beers at MP have all been damn good I'd hardly say it's worth the round trip time given his only here for one and a half days. Various MP beers have been on tap at Mrs Parmas, Josie Bones, Beer Deluxe & I'm pretty certain Mrs Parmas and maybe Biero. Stick to the better Melbourne beer...