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    Rubber Duckie Taphouse

    Interesting, and a good idea. Only I hope they read their reviews, I too had noticed that the service went downhill. They need enthusiastic staff and a bit more atmosphere - the Frankies dudes have done a good job with this.
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    Rubber Duckie Taphouse

    Apparently Murray's at Manly has gone and in it's place the Rubber Duckie Taphouse, which features a bunch of Murray's beers as well as other craft beers.
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    Purging keg

    They say its best practise and it reduces oxidisation which is probably correct. I am not an anti-purgist, nor am I suggesting that you refrain from following this practise, just saying I have never done this and never had an oxidisation problem in over 4 years so I wouldn't be losing sleep over...
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    Purging keg

    I never purge kegs and have never had a problem. Some of my kegs will last for months.
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    Used wyeast 2112 - Cali lager?

    Yeah that's a good description, bready and sweet. I think you're right, i have the starter at room temperature and being a lager yeast it exhibits a different character. Tastes OK, definitely not off (could pick that a mile away). Thanks!
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    Used wyeast 2112 - Cali lager?

    I created a starter from this and it had an unusual smell. Didn't smell off or anything, it smelled kinda really sweet - hard to describe scent. I thought it may have been a dodgy vial so I tipped it and created another starter - same thing. The starter wort is sound and I have made 2 beers...
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    Temple Brewing in Liquidation

    Reality check for those who want to live the micro brew dream. Not familiar with these guys but must be hard knowing the sweat blood tears and money that goes into small business.
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    Ever left a restaurant after looking at the beer menu?

    Nothing as such, I just found it a funny post. Wish I could remember the link.
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    Ever left a restaurant after looking at the beer menu?

    That is HILARIOUS. I find this nearly as funny as another forum I once read about people discussing home brewers. These folk couldnt understand why anyone would bother making beer at home, one guy piped up "I guess it's similar to how ladies enjoy making cakes". Can't remember the forum, one...
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    Ever left a restaurant after looking at the beer menu?

    I take it to BYO places all the time. Bottles are OK, they might be challenged if you turn up with a keg :D
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    Ever left a restaurant after looking at the beer menu?

    If places don't have VB New or Carlton Draft I ban them for life
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    Hop Rocket as a Randal

    Well I have had the rocket acting as a randal with flowers for a few days now and it still has great aroma. The beer previously was lacking oomph, and the rocket is fixing it fine. Will keep the flowers in there until the keg runs out unless there adverse side effects start to develop.
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    Hop Rocket as a Randal

    Good responses so far. I think malted's responses verify that my use of the beer gun is a good method to trap the aromas fresh. I think I have under used flowers too; only used 60g and that barely registered. Will double it (or more).
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    Hop Rocket as a Randal

    Got a few Qs for HR Randal use. A search didn't find these specific questions: - how many grams of hops do you use for a full keg? - do you use the fast flow adapter? - does the initial batch of hops last the entire keg without getting grassy or losing aroma? I only used it once as a Randal; I...
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    Saaz APA

    Haven't made anything decent with hall.aroma and I have heaps, what was the hop bill Nick?
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    Chiller and hops question

    Yeah that's a sound strategy, or use a hop sock. I find pellets are ok without a bag if you whirlpool if there is not a huge hop bill but flowers definitely need to be contained.
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    Show Us Your Hb Xmas Present

    Can't believe no one has commented, awesome. Hop rocket for me.
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    Beer Or Brewing Related Christmas Presents

    Hop rocket with Randal fitings :icon_chickcheers:
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    Nothing Coming From Keg...

    The chargers are definitely not suitable for carbonation - unless you buy the bulbs by the pallet Use sugar for secondary carbonation like you would do in bottles or as you say get a soda stream bottle (you will still go thru them though).
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    That's ridiculous! I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. All of a sudden I get your avatar - I would have that look too if I had this setup.