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    Germany's Wacken Metal Festival & the 7km Beer Line

    Thought this was going to be about a 7km line up for a mid strength beer at a festival... but then saw it was Germany and not here
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    Where to start?

    But how did you get by without memes and stupid animal videos?!
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    What would you do?

    Hey all, I captured about 500mls of slurry from the bottom of the fermenter after bottling the first brew. Let that sit and decanted every other than the trub at the bottom into 2 400ml mason jars. I've had those in the fridge for 5 days and I'm ready to pitch in the next brew. Question is what...
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    3 piece valves... worth the extra cost?

    Yep I've completely pulled apart an old 1 piece valve just to see if it's worth the savings between 2 piece and 3 piece valves. The internal fitting is normally hexagonal so find an Allen key that fits that to unscrew it. It was a much slower process and I couldn't work out how to completely...
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    Help, fermentation seems stuck on Wal's kit

    I thought it was always best practice to rehydrate dried yeast before pitching?
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    Help, fermentation seems stuck on Wal's kit

    My first kit beer did the same thing, I even had it in a temp controlled fridge. I went ahead and bottled it after a month in the fermenter and then after another month, the beer tasted like shit and was majorly under carbonated. I put it down to the yeast, was probably out of date or just a bad...
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    Describe your Home Grown Hop Harvest Beer

    My first hop harvest ale was a bit of a failure, i didn't have anywhere near enough hop flowers in the end. Used Joe white pale malt only which was probably the first mistake and then I wanted to use a bit of Magnum as a first wort hop bittering charge but couldn't get my hands on any at the...
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    Monteiths Pale Ale - on special Liquorland.

    Maybe it varies from store to store but I find the quality between the Coles/Woolworths attached small bottle shop is huge. Liquorland is very ordinary and tend to push a lot of their own brands whilst my local BWS stocks things like Sierra Nevada and Pirate Life etc.
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    Monteiths Pale Ale - on special Liquorland.

    Haven't tried this before but I was in a liquorland last weekend and they had a deal spend $20 and get a 6 pack for $10. Maybe they are discontinuing it?
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Ahhh Mountain Goat Attack of the Killer Hops, epic beer, no photos sorry, these guys do some amazing special releases. Best beer I've had on tap this year so far.
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    40 Litre Crab Cooker

    Is that 40l pot on a gas kitchen stove top? Jeezus, how long does that take to come to the boil?
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    What would you do?

    Thanks for all the replies and advice, using the calculator dan linked it's 6g of dry yeast per 12l batch so a 10g pack of yeast would go close to doing both batches. I like the idea of pitching the second batch straight onto the yeast cake, as you pointed out it will be a good opportunity to...
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    What would you do?

    Identical in the sense of same amount of grain and hops, same mash time and temp etc. obviously there will be subtle differences between batches. OG is 1.046, I normally use a 10g pack of US-05 for a 12l batch and feel I may be over pitching as a packet is usually recommended for 23l batch.
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    What would you do?

    Whats the best option when it comes to using yeast for brewing 2 small identical batches one after the other? I normally get 11-12l batches due to equipment restraints and im using M44 yeast for the first time. Split a 10g pack of M44, rehydrate and pitch for each batch? Pitch the whole 10g in...
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    On the Beach 2017

    Trump has so much money he's already got all the perks that come with being a president. Nice cars, big houses, fancy dinners...There's only one thing he's got now that he couldn't buy before, and he just can't resist playing with it.
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    Wild Yak

    :lol: Post of the year so far!
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    Wild Yak

    My brother in law is obsessed with this beer at the moment, he loves stone and wood pacific ale too and thought this was a cheaper alternative. Last weekend at a pub serving both we did a comparison, you should have seen his face drop when trying them side by side.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Soon as I popped the can I got a whiff of hops, poured it and the aroma was awesome. Bitterness was a bit harsh but overall for a beer that's travelled all the way from the US to Coffs Harbour and then treated who knows how by Dan Murphys staff, I was pretty impressed.
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    STC1000 Problem

    Are you sure it's the STC and the power circuit hasn't just tripped?