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    VIC: Brewstand, fridges, mash tun, kettle, fermenters, lpg bottles, et

    Hey everyone. This lot has now been sold. Happy brewing y'all.
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    VIC: Brewstand, fridges, mash tun, kettle, fermenters, lpg bottles, et

    Hey Poggor. Sorry for not responding sooner, I am hoping to sell it all as one lot, so was holding off on responding too quickly. I'll consider your offer, but want to see if anyone comes in to take the items as a lot first. Hope you can understand.
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    VIC: Brewstand, fridges, mash tun, kettle, fermenters, lpg bottles, et

    Nope, I used an urn on the top for hot liquor tank, esky mash tun on the middle (with HERMS system underneath the HLT), and a seperate burner off the stand for kettle.
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    VIC: Brewstand, fridges, mash tun, kettle, fermenters, lpg bottles, et

    Whoops! That's a good question... I'm in Ascot Vale, Melbourne. Sorry for neglecting that important piece of info...
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    VIC: Brewstand, fridges, mash tun, kettle, fermenters, lpg bottles, et

    Edit: Items are all located in Ascot Vale, Melbourne. Heading overseas, so selling off all my excess brewing equipment. Needs to go asap! Items include: 1 x Wooden brew stand, plumbed for water (pictured) 1 x 70 litre Aluminium Kettle, ported (pictured) 2 x fridges (As pictured, 1 can take a...
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    [MELB] Long necks required urgently

    I can sort you out with a few milk crates worth. I got a heap in my garage I don't use. Some long necks, some 500ml. They'll need a rinse though. I'm in Ascot Vale. Flick me a PM if you're keen and I'll give you my contact details. No compensation necessary (though I wouldn't say no to a couple...
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    WTD : 19l kegs (vic)

    Put me down for 3 more if available! andytork - 10 Truman - 5 Pat_00 - 10 djar007 - 5 syl - 5 Camo6 - 3 MAX POWER - 5 tateg - 4 Danwood 4 Fortmonty 3 Bridges 4 Grainer 5 Albainian 3 Evo 5 micbrew 3 pedleyr 2 chris@3Sheds - 3 kpaxy444 -----5 pick up cheers maxim0200 4 pending tobyga 3 mall 3...
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    It's All In The Glass (or is it?)

    Look at that beautiful tapering. Wide surface area for the beer, funneled towards your olfactory senses. This will surely deliver all those wonderful aromas in a fine fashion... and, if you want to save some for later, screw a lid on and preserve the carbonation.
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    quick melbourne visit - suggestions?

    Yeah, def Local Taphouse if you are in St Kilda. In addition to what's already been mentioned above, there's Beer Deluxe, and De Ja Vu in the city, Great Northern Hotel in Carlton, Mountain Goat brewery in Richmond and 2 Brothers brewery in Moorabbin (though the breweries listed here are not...
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    Matilda Bay Brewery Port Melbourne

    I've been a couple of times and had the tour twice with different crowds. You just rock up and ask about it. They usually run one tour per night, and it's free. The bar itself is low key but nice. The food is pretty decent, and I understand they are planning on expanding the space. Beers are all...
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    Cider brewers...

    Honestly, I mean it with the best intentions and with no disrespect to Fossie. Admittedly my comment was certainly off the topic so I am guilty in my own respect. Like I said, I don't mean to pick Fossie out, and I certainly have no anger about this at all. The thread is useful, and I wasn't...
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    Cider brewers...

    Not to hate Fossie, but that's not a very helpful title. This post will have little relevance to many cider brewers (those that use only fresh fruit, those not in WA). Something like "Cheap Apple Juice in WA" would be better. Just saying, relevant titles help us all out. Sorry to pick you out...
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    Vacuum Racking Beer

    Yeah, I use CO2 to drive the racking of my beer. We just drilled an extra hole in the bung, stick a gasline through it, stick the stainless racking cane through the hole for the airlock, plug it into the carboy and apply some pressure from the CO2 tank. Took us all of 5min to construct and has...
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    Nz Breweries Worth Visiting

    Also, when in Welly there are some good options. Garage project in Aro Valley, Tuatara in Paraparaumu (has a bar you can visit), Parrotdog in central Wellington (has a cellar door shop). Then there are several good bars including, Hashigo Zake, Hop Garden, Little Beer Quarter, the Malthouse...
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    Nz Breweries Worth Visiting

    I'm pretty sure this isn't actually true. I've been there and they are still brewing (they were actually brewing Monteiths Black when I was there). Admittedly, this was a few years back now, but I think they're still brewing beer there (though the end of the stubby may have seen the end of...
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    Pubs/beers/breweries In New Zealand

    Okay, my information may be a little out of date, but I've done a bit of beer tourism in the South. So in Dunedin is Emersons which is one of New Zealand's bigger (and excellent) breweries. I haven't been there myself, but the beer is awesome. Nelson Bays region is loaded with breweries and...
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    Wtb- Spiral Burner Melb

    I'm happy for you to come and have a go on both if you want (Just boil some water or something). You can make a call, and go for the Spiral from Cellarplus if you like it. At least it'd give you an idea of the options available and their upsides and downsides
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    Wtb- Spiral Burner Melb

    I can probably provide some advice on this as I actually have both a Mongolian burner and one of the Spiral burner's offered by Celllarplus. Having used both (both on low pressure regs), the Mongolian burner is much more efficient (brings water to a boil faster), and has a much stronger rolling...
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    Wtb- Spiral Burner Melb

    Hey Muscovy, As already pointed out, the spiral ones are a little cheaper, but I've got a spare 23 jet LPG Mongolian Burner available. These pump out a lot of heat from a low pressure reg, and so can result in an overall saving in the long run. Mine includes the burner, mounted on a frame, a...