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    Chinook hop trimming

    Cheers fellas for the replies
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    Chinook hop trimming

    Hi guys I planted a chinook rhizome and it has one main shoot that’s shot up to about 35cm and now another smaller shoot has popped up. Should I cut the 35cm shoot off- someone told me this will make it send up more fresh shoots. I am in Perth. We have quite warm sunny weather already now.
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    Coopers PA in cans.

    Yep 100% spot on, wouldn’t bother with the stubbies after trying the cans, delicious
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi after 4 yrs and 100+ brews I upgraded today from robobrew mark 1 to brewzilla 3.1 Unpacking the box was exciting, no instructions- No worries I can live with this. But really it would be good to see how the manufacturer suggests the equipment be operated and used, and what the intent of...
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    IPA with Lactose

    Never used for an IPA though would definitely not recommend at all. I used lactose for ginger beer to sweeten it up after adding way too much ginger. Apparently it’s also good for milk stouts.
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    Two Hearted IPA - Beersmith

    I see no problem
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    Oxidation from dry hopping with Brew Bucket

    Not quite, CO2 is denser than O2, yes. But the gases particles mix together as soon as they come in contact with one another. ie you open the lid, oxygen from the air (a small amount albeit) will enter the fermenter. If the wort is still fermenting the O2 should be consumed in the reaction and...
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    Feral War Hog AG Clone

    I brewed a double IPA that tasted in my opinion very similar to warhog. Hops used were warrior for bittering for 60, colombus , simcoe, amarillo & citra (shit loads of) at 10 min then again at 0 min. Heavily dry hopped with simcoe , Amarillo & colombus for 3day before cold crash. Yeast was...