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    Beer Glass Obsession

    Yes I am an obsessed brewer and have a range of boots including a Tamworth music festival boot of about 500ml size as well as liquer spirit shot glasses, being called cowboy requires a cowboy boot to match hehe
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    Grain Cracker

    Hi All, I am looking for a good value for money grain crusher, your wisdom and ideas greatly appreciated, cheers Cowboy :D
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    Brew Book

    well I hope santa/AHB brings a pressy to me. I bought the chrissy tree today, started to put some pressy's under it ( tin of diamondback n some enhancers) would love for a good book to give me some new ideas and inspiration...Here's hoping
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    Ok, Really Really Stupid Question

    Yea Lobsta, Yes listen to the other quotes, KISS ... Keep It SIMPLE SILLY. That is the way to start... Ya havta crawl before ya walk ..BUT Stick to clean habits & keep the temp down , & enjoy the beer . Regards Cowboy
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    Beer Transfering

    I want to transfer from a 50 L keg to a 23 L in the fridge which runs to the tap. Can I run the out beer line from the 50 to the gas inline in the 23 ? my thinking is that the gased 50 will then force beer to the 23 as it has higher pressure. The beer will pour from the bottom of the 23 up the...