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  1. J

    EOI House of Malt B/B

    Yeah, but the point of a bulk buy is to buy direct and get as close to wholesale prices as you can. Plus, support the little guy. No reseller is going to be able to offer better bulk pricing that the manufacturer, right? Still, it's awesome for Drew (the owner of HoM) that he has been picked...
  2. J

    3.5v Brewery for Sale (Melbourne)

    Hi Specky, I'm a lurker in the forums - don't have a great deal to say that hasn't already been answered! I can't PM you as I don't think I have posted enough, but I'm interested in buying your setup. I have started a conversation with you. Is that sufficient to get the ball rolling?
  3. J

    Transferring to Keg. What am I doing wrong!!

    I'll start by saying I have been bleeding excess air pressure by leaving the release valve open. I had the same sort of issue, and found that back-pressure from the Keg was the issue. Resolved by increasing the height difference between the fermenter and keg by about a foot and a half. I...
  4. J

    Fs (seafrod VIC): Keg Fridge

    I'll take it for $650, if that suits. It's a helluva drive from Ballarat to Seaford!
  5. J

    Fs (seafrod VIC): Keg Fridge

    I reckon I'm interested, but I need to chat with my wife first, so as to avoid potential death... Out of curiosity, is there room for an additional corny or two inside the fridge or is 2 the maximum it will hold?