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  1. J

    Is coopers halal?

    how do you torture a beer?
  2. J

    Is this normal

    i take one just before throwing in the yeast and thats all, i am pretty sure that after 2 weeks it all done and i tend to use fairly similar grain bill size and temps...
  3. J

    Fermenting Freezer or fridge? STC 1000

    i use a chest freezer, freezers have much better insulation so when i ferment at 18d it wont turn on for hours, i just run it on high . freezers have more powerful motors so only need a minute to whip it back down to desired temp
  4. J

    Bar top

    Try this guy. He and his old man are always cutting slabs. he is at lota near wynnum Andrew and Steve 3396 0017
  5. J


    good thanks
  6. J

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    masters now has a good range. they have chocolate habs, bhut jolokia, chocolate bhut, 7 pod, ones that look like dicks and a few others.
  7. J

    cheap coolers

    36L round coolers at fcb 25%off makes the about $65 just brewed in one lost 0.2 deg over 40 min...pretty happy.
  8. J

    How long does it take you to keg your fermented beer?

    rinse/hose scum off bottom. starsan through keg and tubes fill forse carb drink 20 min max
  9. J

    To late to brew for a party. Or is it ? Help Required

    most of my pales are being consumed on their 8th day from complaints
  10. J

    Election Day Brew

    8 fly lager
  11. J

    Growler refills in brisbane

    picked up a growler from green beacon last week and am now wondering where else in briz i can refill it. seems to be quite popular in most states so i am guessing the legalities have now been sorted. any suggestions? jeremy
  12. J

    keggle setup advice,

    just use a stick with the markings i was going to put a sight glass on and anthony from craftbrewer talked me out of glad he did! and as truman said, dont drill anything to close to the curve go a tad higher and just adjust beersmith to to allow for a couple extra litre loss.
  13. J

    my first

    Now im scared :unsure:
  14. J

    my first

    yeah an hour not so bad.....i takes me 4! i didn't even get to the ferment stage, it got into the no chilled cube. i didnt let the hot wort sit in the handle..maby some of the reason, who knows.
  15. J

    buiscuit flavor in pils

  16. J

    my first

    i would just like to tell everybody that i am the proud new father of my very first infection!!!! wow what a feeling. BLEACH>>>>>>>BLEACH>>>>>>>>BLEACH!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!! 25L of a perfectly run brew day dr smirto golden......not the cheapest hops around! is bleach the key? everything is now...
  17. J

    Just arrived in Brussels and need some help with deciding what to try&

    buy as many glasses as you can get home! i regret only getting 6 or 7 as now i have lost a few. as said go to Brugge and when your there have some kwaks and go to the great wall of beer at the emporium place "in pic below"
  18. J

    Whats In The Glass

    our crap weather is drawing upon us.
  19. J

    Whats In The Glass

    "add to post" didn't see that bit