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    Swapping thread, post what your willing to swap and if someone is interested pm that person

    I can pull a few bottles of dry Irish Stout off the keg. It features Cascade (AUS) hops and Nottingham yeast, and is a bit more hoppy than your average Guinness clone. ~4%, ~32IBU. I'm willing to pull off 2 or 4x 330mL bottles to trade.
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    Is it possible to get some type of beer swap happening

    Matty, Capn, I'd be down to swap some beers via the post. I'm in Sydney. I've just got an Irish Dry Stout into the keg. When its carbed, I'll draw some bottles off it. I've got an American IPA in the fermenter and could do the same with those. Lemme know if you're interested and we can work out...
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    Brewday and what is everyone brewing currently?

    Brewed an American IPA over the weekend and put an Irish Dry Stout into the keg for later this week. In 2 weeks, going to brew an oatmeal stout. Wish I'd thought of brewing dark beers earlier, before the cold settled in in Sydney. But, plenty of winter left to enjoy a few. :)
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    Agreed. Beer transcends this gutter talk. Stick to Facebook if you wanna shit post.
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    What are you brewing 2022

    I'm about to brew a dry Irish stout too. Your recipe looks solid. From my research, the style dictates 3 parts pale to 1 part flaked barley, then roast barley for color adjustment. I'm curious if you're planning to goose it with aged beer to get some sour age into it. That seems to be the rumor...
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    Australian strong bitter? A mistake that I'm looking forward to

    The beer turned out alright. I have it on the keg next to an eclipse/vic secret pale, and I think I can see what you mean when you say it wasn't top choice in your taps. There's something odd about eclipse and I can't quite put my finger on it. It's a bit spicy or something. I wouldn't say that...
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    Australian strong bitter? A mistake that I'm looking forward to

    I'll let you know in a few weeks. Might even send you a bottle, if I'm feeling up to it. :)
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    Australian strong bitter? A mistake that I'm looking forward to

    I feel ya. I've only just started looking seriously at guidelines to figure out how to enter my beer into competition. But, the guidance itself is so repetitive and so many categories seem indistinguishable to me, or generally nondescript. For example, can you pick out which style is which? "A...
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    Australian strong bitter? A mistake that I'm looking forward to

    Just got done with my brew day where I found myself in a hop dilemma. I was hoping to make my first Australian sparkling ale, but found myself without any Pride of Ringworm or Super Pride. Apparently, I got my wires crossed when ordering. My last order included a heap of different Aussie hops –...
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    It's going to be my first competiton, too! I'm excited. Looking forward to getting a less biased review of my beer. I wanted to brew an Australian Sparkling Ale, too, but borked it and ended up with what I think most closely resembles an ESB. We'll see what the judges think. Good luck to you...
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Nice. I just popped some Wattleseed brown ale into bottles. Hopefully they have a decent amount of time to bottle condition a bit. I have a pale ale in the fermenter, and ingredients for another pale ale. But, I'm worried that the pale category gets a bit crowded. Its my first time entering a...
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    I'm planning on getting some bottle off the tap this week, once they're properly carbed. Did you already mail yours / drop them off? Or just registered them?
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    Sydney upcoming competitions

    I was a the Hop and Grain this morning and I saw 2 flyers -- PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE COMPS. I just wanted to pass along the info from the flyers. :) Happy brewing! Sydney's wild, wild southwest hombrew competition The Hop and Grain Moorebank and Casey's Brewery are giving you...
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    Hi from Newtown

    Nice. I've read someplace that you can make an infusion by boiling wattleseed in water for 15 min. or so, adding it to the beer during bottling/kegging. For this brown beer, I was thinking of making a "potion", putting some wattleseed powder into cheap vodka for a few weeks. I have no idea the...
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    Hi from Newtown

    Hey-yo. I'm a new member brewing in Newtown (inner-west Sydney). I've brewed for a few years now - did 13 beers last year. :) I'm getting more and more curious about brewing with Australian natives, like myrtles, geraldton wax, kakadu, that sort of thing. Would love some tips on using natives. I...