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    Gas Guyz Ultimate Gas Bundle Giveaway!

    this would save me dragging my gas bottle from garage to bar..
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    Cheap SS pots, AG setup - Sydney

    sorry mate, just flogged them on ebay this week
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    FREE - Esky with false bottom, and pot for AG. Menai NSW

    I have a 50L esky with a false bottom, and large (about 50L) aluminium pot. Free to a someone who wants to get into all grain (although will accept a bottle of your brew to try) Not pretty, but works. Pickup Menai, before it goes out in the council cleanup. The urn and cooker thing under the...
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    Cheap SS pots, AG setup - Sydney

    Occasionally. Not this week that I know of
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    Cheap SS pots, AG setup - Sydney

    Want to pass these on so make an offer Happy to pass the esky/ally pot on for free to budding AG Brewer (happy to take a bottle of HB though)
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    Cheap SS pots, AG setup - Sydney

    They are all 50L or thereabouts Pot 2 Says 50L on the pot. 42cm diameter x 40cm high
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    Cheap SS pots, AG setup - Sydney

    Hi Folks. I have some pots and stuff to sell/give away. I have a number of stainless pots in various condition, and a basic all grain setup. All pots are stainless, and about 50L Pot 1 - this is a quality stainless pot, with a lid that clamps on - could be good for a fermenter $50 Pot 2 -...
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    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy - Christmas Edition

    PALLET 1 - Joe White/Best Maltz/Simpson/Briess etc 1. Mattyh77: Simpson Marris Otter 2. Mattyh77: Best Malt Red X 3. Mattyh77: Best Malt Vienna (1/2 bag to split) 3. Slainte: Best Malt Vienna (1/2 bag split with Mattyh77) 4. Feralbass: JW Exp Pilsner 5. Burjo: Simpson Marris Otter 6. Roastin...
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    Free Stuff - Sutherland shire, nsw

    After a bit of a clean out of the garage, its time to give back to the community. I have a few old pieces free (although i am happy to take a bottle or two of your finest). This is located in the sutherland shire in sydney Up for grabs is: Marga mill - bit old, but should still mill grain -...
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    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy

    Batch Brew please.
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    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy

    1. Weyerman organic wheat - brewhart 2. Best malt organic pilsner - brewhart 3. Joe White Trad Ale – brewhart 4. Simpons marris otter - SPS 5. Simpons marris otter - SPS 6. Joe White Export pils - SPS 7. Joe White Export pils - SPS 8. Simpsons Marris Otter - MattSR 9. Simpsons Marris Otter -...
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    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy

    I will be in for a bag of JW Trad ale Also would be keen to split: 1/2 bag, or 2 x 5kg JW Wheat Malt 5kg Vienna or Munich if available. Sorry Aussie Brewer, I tried to add to the list but couldnt work it out,
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    Dishwasher element for RIMS?

    Its 230V, 2040Watt it says on it. Didnt think of getting the solenoid. Got sick of cutting my fingers on the damn thing. Thanks Crozdog
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    Dishwasher element for RIMS?

    Has anyone used a heating element from a dishwasher for a rims. My dishwasher just broke, but the element is still ok. The element is a heating jacket around about 1 inch pipe, which may be a bit large for good heat transfer, but it works for a dishwasher i guess.. The dishwasher used to...
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    Microbrewery - Startup fact finding

    I would think that targetting restaurants to sell your beer is a better idea. Restarants have huge markups on the beer, lots of people are willing to try a new beer at a restaurant as opposed to buying a 6 pack at the bottlo, and you could target a number of them in your local area, as opposed...
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    Infra-red thermometer

    Also, if using for hot liquids, any steam that may get on the unit sensor will alter the reading, therefore giving a false result
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    We bought a pub :)

    Bugger, I was only there a couple of months ago. Be sure to drop in next time I'm in town visiting mum. Nice old pub, hope all goes well
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    Murray's Whale Ale

    Did the brewery tour there last week (no samples for my $5 though :( ). The guy said they bottles were bottle conditioned. Salamander point bowling club has it on tap for $4.30 though. Cant complain about that.
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    Free 750mL bottles - Sydney

    All yours if you want them HBK. They are a mix of glass bottles, some screw, some crown, in milk crates. I can leave them out if you like. PM if you still want..