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  1. pommiebloke

    just started

    Keep taking the tablets. I can't begin to imagine what you'd be like *OFF* your meds.
  2. pommiebloke

    Electric Drill recommendations for Mashmaster Mill

    That's the one I have and it works a treat.
  3. pommiebloke

    Another week, another new home brewing gadget

    Beats using glass carboys which seems to be what the Yanks prefer. Never understood why though. What's the deal with that?
  4. pommiebloke

    Best option for a new fermenter

    That's exactly what I use. If you do have any stubborn bits you can't reach, chuck in a cup of rice with a bit of water and shake it around. Cleans without scratching up the plastic
  5. pommiebloke

    Crown Urn and more for sale - North Brisbane

    Yes LiquidGold, mash tun is still available but pot has gone. I'm in Bridgeman Downs.
  6. pommiebloke

    Experiences fermenting lager strains at ale temps?

    I remember the old flame war about that one. Many people insisted it was impossible but I seem to remember Ross getting an award for a Bohemian Pilsener fermented at 19 degrees.
  7. pommiebloke

    Experiences fermenting lager strains at ale temps?

    Me too. Also known as Swiss lager yeast at Craftbrewer.
  8. pommiebloke

    Crown Urn and more for sale - North Brisbane

    Has stainless false bottom and is already plumbed for tap. 38L capacity.
  9. pommiebloke

    40L Crown Urn For Sale

    No, totally untouched. I've never had a problem keeping a good boil.
  10. pommiebloke

    40L Crown Urn For Sale

    Excellent condition, concealed element, bought from Craftbrewer and only done 3 or so brews with it. Priced to sell at $200 (plus a couple bottles of your brew). Recently bought a Braumeister so the urn needs to go to free up some space. Located Brisbane Northside.
  11. pommiebloke

    EU Referendum!

    Happy Independence Day!!
  12. pommiebloke

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Crown 40L Urn - $95!!!
  13. pommiebloke

    Chrismas in July Lotto 2016

    1. mtb 2. mtb 3. Frasers BRB 4. madpierre06 5. Judanero 6.luggy 7. mosto 8. luggy 9. Killer Brew 10.Grainer 11.Grainer 12.Sixfignig 13.barls 14.gezzanet 15.mattfos01 16.Peter80 17. madpierre06 18. pommiebloke 19.Judanero 20.michaeld16 21.michaeld16 22.Benn 23.Grott 24.kunfaced 25.hophead2 26...