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  1. WSC

    International hotel, Spring Hill, Brisbane

    Was there not long ago. $5.50 pints. Gold was ok bit too much POR for me. Red Ale was good. No Geronimo on though. Good value but no atmosphere, just old dudes drinking and punting.
  2. WSC

    Brewski bar

    It's good, caxton st has improved heaps. Great bottle selection and 4 independent taps. 4 tied taps. Great vibe too.
  3. WSC

    who is Australia's youngest person to own a microbrewery?

    Depends what you mean by own. Running and owning are different.
  4. WSC

    New Brisbane Microbrewery for G20 next year

    James Squire?
  5. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    Interesting read.....
  6. WSC

    The Queensland Homebrewing Conference (The QHC)

    If you are in NSW and want to try our Cluster F#ck its on at the Local Taphouse Darlo now. Bacchus White Choc and Raspberry Pils is on too.
  7. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    And Ipswich.....unofficially
  8. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    I heard today that one of the beers on Monday night at the Scratch will be the BABBS barrell project, looking forward to trying that.
  9. WSC

    The Queensland Homebrewing Conference (The QHC)

    Here is the recipe from my preso today...enjoy Original Gravity (OG): 1.037 (°P): 9.3 Final Gravity (FG): 1.017 (°P): 4.3 Alcohol (ABV): 2.67 % Colour (SRM): 8.2 (EBC): 16.1 Bitterness (IBU): 62.3 (Average) 50% Pale Ale Malt 25% Caramalt 25% Wheat Malt Weyermann...
  10. WSC

    The Queensland Homebrewing Conference (The QHC)

    Anyone going to be able to give me a cold homebrew before I talk at 10am? Bring your note books as I'm giving away my GABS beer recipe.
  11. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    If you want a laugh and a hangover on Tuesday you have to go to the scratch on Monday night!
  12. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    I did think of it :-) but my screening copy only arrived on Friday. I'm looking for a venue, but it will be after the beer week. It is a top movie! The beer community did a great thing crowd funding it.
  13. WSC

    The Queensland Homebrewing Conference (The QHC)

    It is a bit forgotten, but as with most commercial craft beer interest will grow as more homebrewers experiment and try different things.
  14. WSC

    The Queensland Homebrewing Conference (The QHC)

    Its great to see the interest in my session, sometimes I think lower Abv beers really get overlooked. I will be sharing my views on the subject, my opinions and maybe a recipe or two. I hope if you come to the session you get something out of it. Cheers Wade
  15. WSC

    QLD Beer Week 2013

    4 Hearts is doing an 8 course 8 beer dinner at Alehouse 24. July 18. And wait for it....only $65! Check out the FB link in my Sig.
  16. WSC

    Brewbake Big Pineapple OPEN

    Great to see another brewery open in QLD!
  17. WSC

    Newstead Brewing Co. To open this Saturday

    Pretty sure based on FB posts and what I have heard that it is an actual real brewery being built in Newstead.
  18. WSC

    Sierra Navada Beer Camp, Simmer Down Brown, Brown IPA

    Tried it and it rocks, well done guys