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  1. Rod

    Russian Imperial Stout - Have you brewed one?

    Had another last night bottled in 2010 :p
  2. Rod

    Where has my Brewmate gone

    Found it :bigcheers:
  3. Rod

    Where has my Brewmate gone

    Went to use the Brewmate software gone I had printed out all my recipes a few years ago went to run a recipe through the software no go tried to refresh the Brewmate , no go is there a replacement or a refresh regards Rod
  4. Rod

    WTB - hop plants /rhizomes - Melb

    I am in Sydney , interested East Kent , POR , maybe all regards Rod Greystanes
  5. Rod

    Still spirits 5 litre reflux ring clamp

    Do you have a 5 litre still spirits reflux still ring clamp my clamp is broken and after some searches , I cannot get a replacement I have found a replacement , but can only get one that is about 2 cm too big
  6. Rod

    Can you experiment with different Coopers enhancer kits?

    I made a batch about 6 weeks ago 2 weeks old not to good 6 weeks old now , not too bad can drink it probably not make another ;)
  7. Rod

    Sydney Water website updated - it's pretty decent now

    Now the desalination plant has been turned on , we think , will it change the water analysis numbers , if you know what I am trying to say , and what effect will this have :barf:
  8. Rod

    Can you experiment with different Coopers enhancer kits?

    I found the Mexican improved with age , 6 weeks minimum
  9. Rod

    Stalled brew

    Has not changed now in the bottles
  10. Rod

    Stalled brew

    I gave it a good stir and the temperate was down a bit , so warmed ti up a bit with a heat band it started off again , but not for long , yesterday no action today , gave it a stir I am going to bottle tomorrow only my time to loose , and some dextrose for carbonation looked at my...
  11. Rod

    Stalled brew

    Looks like it has finished @ 2018 is it safe to bottle no bombs :noworries: reduce the light malt to 1.2 Kg next time OK
  12. Rod

    Stalled brew

    There has been some movement at the station , the colt has begun to trot , I await the gallop
  13. Rod

    Stalled brew

    I made a Coopers Mexican Cerves with 1.8 kg of light malt extract starting @ 1050 after 9 days it has stopped at 1018 22 degrees C never happened before gave it a stir and but a heat band on it never happened to me in 20 years or so will it survive :thumbsdown:
  14. Rod

    What is your oldest bottle conditioned beer

    Had an old favourite last night 26th Feb 2019 in grolsh bottles , still had a good head Try again next year
  15. Rod

    Tap vs Siphon

    this the tap you suggest I have used the others , pita :thumbsdown:
  16. Rod

    Mistake with Brew volume

    I make my brew on the stove top about an 8 litre batch at a time boil it up on the stove etc cool it in a water bath add to a fermenter add cold water from the tap ( Sydney water ) ( never sterilized the water ) then add yeast ferment for about 10 days never had a problem in 20...
  17. Rod

    Mistake with Brew volume

    I could use my brew pot , add the dextrose , add the extra water , bring to 70 degrees and wait till it cools as I normally do
  18. Rod

    Mistake with Brew volume

    I made a batch of Coopers Session ale using Brewmate but only filled the fermenter to 23 litres instead of the aim which was 25 litres My beer is now 4.3 % , not the aim 3.6 % mind you I can drink it , but is now not the mid strength ale , that I wanted I bulk prime my brews with dextrose...
  19. Rod

    20l to 60l double ingredients

    60 litres batch should give 3.26 % 40 litres batch should give 4.83 %